The best DJI GO 4 replacement Apps for Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, and Spark

To help users quickly access drone equipment, Drone manufacturers have been researching integrated applications on smartphones or tablets. Currently, the most drone has an accompanying support application, such as with DJI Spark and DJI Mavic Pro controlled by DJI GO 4 application.
The default application from DJI offers many advanced aircraft control features, support for advanced camera control, and even allows selfie drones recording directly from the camera on the drone. However, besides DJI GO 4, many other 3rd party applications can interact well with drone similar to DJI’s default software. I have synthesized some of the best DJI GO 4 replacement apps for Mavic Pro and Spark.
Remember that the DJI GO 4 is the only fully-supported application that checks and updates the latest software version for your drone and remote control from DJI. Alternative implementations are designed only to provide a new flight experience, not intended to replace DJI’s default software completely.

Drone Mavic Pro

Litchi for DJI Mavic / Phantom / Inspire / Spark

Litchi for DJI drone is review as the other DJI GO 4 app. The list of drone devices that this app supports can be more than what is listed in the app, including all Phantom 4 variants. , Phantom 3, Inspire 1, Spark, Mavic Air, Mavic Air Pro.

Review Litchi

There are quite a lot of exciting features on Litchi, but the two highlights that I like most about this application are the waypoint control and VR mode. Besides, the app also provides a panoramic shooting feature and several other camera modes, allowing tracking objects or keeping an object in a particular focus.
I was overwhelmed with the tools inside the app. After learning everything, I realized that Litchi is a great companion app. This new application allows you to use other mobile devices as beacons for drones. The DJI camera’s ability to identify objects is only quite good. But for Litchi if you put the phone in your pocket, the plane can still identify and track you wherever you go.

Litchi App

Litchi is indeed an impressive application, but to use the features of this application, you have to spend a decent amount. Currently, Litchi application is available on Google Play store for 24.99$ for Android devices, while for the iOS operating system, Litchi has a slightly lower price of 20.99$ for iPhone or iPad.

Link to download Litchi application: IOS | Android



Airmap is one of the flying mapping tools for drone devices that many users prefer. It is used together with the B4UFly application of the FAA. Now, the Airmap app is available on mobile devices, and you can use Airmap to control your DJI planes. It can be said that all the features that DJI GO 4 supports on DJI drone, Airmap can be similarly done.

Link download application Airmap: IOS | Android

UgCS for DJI

UgCS for DJI Drones App

UgCS Desktop is a powerful flight planning software, capable of creating and analyzing Waypoints on the route. Also, this application allows you to control the aircraft using the keypress and mouse click on your computer, or it can even connect the game handle to fly like a drone controller profession.

Ugcs For Dji

The free version of UgCS only provides basic features. If you want to upgrade to more advanced features, users will have three price options: 65$, 600$ and 2000$

UgCS application download link: PC | Android


Instead of completely replacing DJI GO 4 to control your DJI device, Pix4D is a powerful companion app with mapping capabilities and 3D models. Just like the UgCS application above, Pix4D allows you to design flight routes and models for your drone. Also, the app supports tracking airplanes, setting up automatic capturing images, and video recording. Pix4D proved superior in creating maps, setting up a flight network so users can easily visualize and identify the area they are flying in the most accurate way.

Pix4d Drone App

Currently, Pix4D allows free installation on mobile devices supporting 2 Android and IOS operating systems. If you use the advanced flight tracking services and tools, you can spend from 50$/month to nearly 1,000$/month.

Link download application Pix4D: IOS | Android

Above are the best alternative “solutions” for DJI GO 4 application, I will update this article regularly when finding new alternative app better. If you find the article useful, please share it for all.

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