How to use Spotify On Your Wear OS Smartwatch

Playing music from Spotify on a Wear OS smartwatch is no longer a challenge now, as it released this great app officially late last year. With the availability to download directly to your Wear OS watch, the Spotify app allows users to control music playback, as well as play music via Spotify Connect with other devices. Choose favorite songs available, help add music to the user library easily.

These are the types of features you can enjoy on the Wear Spotify app, but you’ll need to learn how to download and set up “him” first! Check out the following instructions to use the Spotify app easily!

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Download Spotify On Wear OS

  1. Spotify will come pre-installed on many Wear OS smartwatches, but you’ll need to download it to your device if “she” doesn’t show up on the main app menu.
  2.  Make sure your smartwatch is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile network.
  3. On your Wear smartwatch, visit the Google Play Store.
  4. The watch will take a few minutes to connect. Then you can browse through a selection of independent apps.
  5. Click the search icon in the Play Store and search for “Spotify” – or search through one of the tabs, such as “Streaming audio.”
  6.  Touch Spotify and press “Install” on the icon!
  7. After that, the application will be downloaded to your smartwatch.
  8. Return to this list if you want to uninstall the app.

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Set up Spotify on Wear OS

Once you’ve downloaded the Spotify app to your Wear smartwatch, you’ll need to sign in and connect your account to the device.

  1. Open the Spotify app on your Wear OS smartwatch.
  2. A prompt will appear on the watch screen for the Spotify pairing page, from which you can enter the code and login. However, you can also choose reminders to pair accounts from your phone. Now on your phone or tablet will open and require logging in the most detailed way.
  3. Once you have selected your login method, the application will pair with your account and be ready to open on the watch.

Spotify Wear Os 1-2

Spotify on Wear OS: What Can You Do?

1. Control the Music

Necessary music control on Spotify includes the ability to Pause, forward, and skip music played from the watch. A green indicator next to the screen will also show your tracking level.

Spotify Wear Os SmartWatch

2. Play with the Spotify Connect Device

Also, the application helps you work better with Spotify Connect, meaning you can send music to play on a compatible device nearby. These can be Amazon Echo or Sonos speakers and many other options. To do so, press the icon at the bottom right when a track is playing. Too easy is not it!

Spotify Wear Os SmartWatch

3. Add Songs to Your Spotify Library

You can add music to your library directly from the Wear OS Spotify app. Select on the bottom left of the screen and type the name of the song, this song will be added to your music library.

Spotify on Wear OS: Unsupported Features.

1. 4G/LTE Streaming

Currently, the Spotify app doesn’t provide LTE/4G streaming directly from Wear OS smartwatches to Bluetooth headsets. And there is no news that this will appear shortly.

Wear Os The SmartWatch

2. Offline Playback

The lack of offline playback is also one of the disappointing omissions from Spotify. However, we have the right to expect a remarkable change in the future as the company also speaks up about continuing to improve the Spotify experience.

Try your experience and share your feelings right away !!!


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Jomy George
Jomy George


  1. Thanks for sharing. To use Spotify on my watch offline, I usually download music from Spotify as local files by DRmare Music Converter. And then I can move Spotify music to my watch and other devices for listening without internet connection.

  2. To listen to Spotify, I prefer to download my favorite Spotify songs to my watch with the help of Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter. Then I can stream them without an internet connection.

    • You like to listen to music offline. As such, you will lose effort for your downloads. Download why don’t you put songs in your favorites, everytime you find a favorite song.

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