Real Review Xiaomi Amazfit GTS Smartwatch: Not Just a Copy of Apple Watch

Amazfit GTS is a new smartwatch from Xiaomi with the same design as the Apple Watch Series 4, with a youthful, dynamic and modern look. Also, battery and performance are bright spots on this smartwatch.

Good appearance and reasonable price are always an advantage of many Xiaomi products. But for this new smartwatch, everything doesn’t stop there. Join us to experience Amazfit GTS to find out if it is worth buying in the 150$ range or not!


Owning a design quite similar to the Apple Watch, Amazfit’s appearance looks high-class and luxurious. The glossy Gorilla 3 glass, displays striking colors. Xiaomi also quite pleased customers when offering up to 6 colors for customers to choose their favorite colors suitable for both men and women.

You will be attracted to the appearance of Amazfit GTS. Xiaomi products are always concerned with affordable prices and excellent performance. For Amazfit GTS, it is also good looking and sophisticated design.



The watch is 9.4mm thick and has a 1.65-inch AMOLED screen, thin and light, and the 2.5D curved glass border is filled with youthful, modern, high-end beauty that exudes elegance when worn sturdy appearance with a body made from aluminum frame combined with a polymer. Silicone strap for a comfortable, light wearing feel.

Here are the specifications of Amazfit GTS, readers can refer to

  • Dimensions: 43.25 X 36.25 X 9.4mm
  • Weight: 24.8g (without strap)
  • Material: aluminum alloy, polymer material
  • Water-resistant: 5ATM, supports swimming
  • Screen: 1.65 AMOLED, 341 PPI resolution
  • Tempered Glass: 3rd generation Corning Gorilla
    Wire size: 20 mm
  • Sensors: BioTracker TM PPG, Accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, pressure, light
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 BLE + NFC
  • Positioning: GPS + GLONASS
  • Battery: Lipo 220mAh

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Experience The Features of Amazfit GTS

The software used on the watch is quite simple so that every user can get acquainted quickly. Its proprietary operating system and most complex customizations will be available through the Amazfit app, which includes essential functions such as 12 exercise modes, music transfer, call history, messages, weather, etc.

The way to navigate on the Amazfit GTS is easy to grasp: swipe right, left of the screen for quick access to the pedometer app and heart rate sensor. Swipe up to open the menu. You can easily access the app store, such as exercise modes, daily status, activity data, notifications, alarms, timer, general settings, etc.

Sports Feature

Amazfit GTS is equipped with 12 exercise modes such as outdoor jogging, skiing, walking, running with treadmill, outdoor cycling, indoor motor bicycles, swimming with natural water environment, swimming. In a swimming pool, free run, and weightlifting, etc.

The company has included the BIO tracker PPG into the Amazfit GTS. The system will give extremely accurate heart rate monitoring parameters. The 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring of Amazfit GTS is a good thing for those who have cardiovascular problems, turning it on will show the maximum, minimum and average heart rate, helping users detect abnormalities with health.

Experiment with jogging, walking, and weight training. The heart rate while walking for about 60 minutes kept steady at 118 bpm – 126 bpm, after a break of about 3 minutes, the heart rate dropped to 86 bpm. Below the heart rate is a notice of the range of the heart rate, such as slight movement, intensity, aerobic, etc.

After that, I upgraded to a more robust workout with running 300m fast, my heart rate is about 164 bpm very high, then the watch will vibrate to alert the heart rate to increase, and I will run to slow down again to ensure safety safe.

Xiaomi Amazfit Gts 01-16

After more than 2 hours of sports activities, I feel quite satisfied with the training regime, Amazfit will alert you to adjust the safest training level for the trainees to avoid problems during training. Each kilometer moves the watch will vibrate once it informs the trainee.

GPS + GLONASS technology is built-in for the ability to track workouts after training. The watches will also record the training history and sync with the phone via the Amazfit app on smartphones with data such as distance sugar, heart rate, rest time, calories consumed correctly, etc.

Quite convenient for sports enthusiasts because it closely monitors the user’s training process, thereby helping you adjust your diet and exercise accordingly.

AMOLED Screen - Visibility

AMOLED screen technology is resistant to scratches, endures good impact, increases the durability of the device under external influences. AMOLED screen has high contrast and brightness, good color saturation. Under the direct midnight sunlight, the visibility of the Amazfit GTS is still apparent. Black is shown as deep and bold. Clear and sharp images.

The battery is very durable, more than 10 days of multitasking, fully charged in just 2 hours. I used Amazfit from 100% charge after four days of use with basic tasks such as viewing notifications, checking the time, the battery is about 62%. Also, every day I turn on the running mode plus GPS from 13h – 13h30 then the battery of Amazfit GTS will drain faster. However, for those who do not exercise, the battery may last longer than 10 days. With the basic clock mode, the battery of Amazfit will work for about 46 days.

Xiaomi Amazfit Gts 01-19

Other Interesting Features

Interface: Amazfit GTS has over 100 watch faces, and we can download more online watch skins on “” and install it via the Amazfit tools app.

Music: Amazfit GTS can transfer the current song via Bluetooth. Find your phone: Turn on the “find my phone” function on your watch, your phone will beep to help you accurately locate the phone’s location. When you sit too long, the watch will automatically vibrate and notify users to recognize the status to sit up to exercise. We will maintain better health with this function.
5ATM water-resistant so you can confidently carry Amazfit GTS in the rain, even go swimming.


  • The step counter is still inaccurate when I sit on a motorbike, but the counter is still working, and when standing still, sometimes, my steps are jumping, but the error is not significant.
  • The feeling of surfing on the screen is not yet smooth and smooth.
  • Notifications can only be viewed and cannot reply directly to messages.
  • Unable to load more 3rd party applications.
  • When I first started using Amazfit GTS, there was a phenomenon of “lag” standing on the screen. Just press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to restart, the copper will usually work again.


If you are looking for a watch with a beautiful design, high performance, mid-range price, buffalo battery, the main useful sport features, the Amazfit GTS is an excellent choice to refer to in the segment 150$ price segment.

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