Quick Review Sony WI-XB400 Headphones

Quick Review Sony Wi-Xb400 Headphones: Extra Bass Powerful, 15-Hour Battery.

Sony WI-XB400, launched in April earlier this year, has a simple design and is no-frills in the low-price segment but still has tremendous charm for ordinary users.

Cheap has never been the only factor that attracts Sony customers in all its audio products. The Sony WI-XB400 is, of course, the same. So what are the other good points? Are they feeling of wearing? Material? The battery? Or is it sound quality? Join us to find out!

Sony WI-XB400

The Sony WI-XB400 is a wired, wireless headset without a jack for connecting to a smartphone or electronic device. Instead, it has a cord that connects the two sides of the headset, similar to the design of many types of headphones.

The construction materials of the WI-XB400 are mainly plastic and rubber. The touch feels solid, not discrete and empty, like the plastic material of a Chinese headset. Anyway, is this a Sony headset?

Sony WI-XB400-1

It’s not as convenient as a wireless headset, but in return, it has a longer battery life and a relatively better sound quality thanks to the extension cord. The cord also comes in handy when removing one ear for communication.

Sony WI-XB400-2

WI-XB400’s earbud is quite large, contained within a 12mm driver. Though significant, Sony offers a variety of internal ear cushions to replace if you don’t feel like putting them in your ear canal.

Sony WI-XB400-3

The housing is made quite simple and minimalistic to increase the wearing experience. Two vent holes, Bass-Port, are also integrated behind it, explicitly serving the excellent bass range of Sony’s extra bass line.

Sony WI-XB400-4

Near the left earphone is a cluster of 3 standard adjustment buttons, including 2 volume up and down buttons and one power button.

Sony WI-XB400-5

They allow you to stop/play music, select the next song, answer calls, and activate your smartphone’s virtual assistant. Along the top of the 3-button cluster is a USB-C quick charge port, which is covered by a plastic cover.

Sony WI-XB400-6

Besides, the flat-rolled cable to prevent tangling, the two heads are magnetic, helping you keep them safe around the neck when not in use.


Sony WI-XB400 has many handy features, such as voice support and hands-free compatibility, to help increase safety and convenience when listening to calls. The housing is magnetic, flat wire.

Sony WI-XB400-7

Also, the WI-XB400 has a pretty good battery life, up to 15 hours, and can play music all day. Fast charging, USB-C supports full charge in 3 hours and only takes 10 minutes to charge 1 hour of operation when urgent. Large 12mm driver, Sony’s famous Extra Bass technology for deep, characteristic bass.

By the way, you should remember that the Sony WI-XB400 is not waterproof. This is important to note when there are many waterproof electronic devices on the market today. Of course, this is not a minus; with the price of only $60, you should not ask for too much.

Quick Review

Regarding the feeling of wearing it, I feel quite comfortable, worn on the ear lightly, without needing it, fitting snugly with my ear comfortably deep inside.

This is quite important for in-ear headphones such as the WI XB400. If it fits like the headphones I experienced, the sound will be better quality and environmental noise will be removed more. And if you don’t fit it, Sony is still there for you three pairs of different-sized ear cushions.

Sony WI-XB400-9

Besides, the rope is not too entangled. It is moderately long, enough to hide the cord behind the shirt while leaving space for the control button cluster to be placed in the most convenient position when you want to skip cards or answer calls.

It’s about objectivity and subjective experience, for myself to experience. Maybe because I’m not used to using this wired Bluetooth headset, it still feels entangled when the loop goes to the back of the neck.

Sony WI-XB400-10

The two sides have magnetic housing also quite convenient. Each time I stopped listening, I only needed to use one hand to remove each ear in turn, so they would stick together and continue moving. Do not be afraid to splash away from your body while walking, even while running; it’s just that it will feel a little loose, so swing to the sides only.

The feel of the wearable is quite good, but the factor that makes you consider owning the Sony WI XB400 is its sound. I am not talking about a sound device with excellent sound quality. Still, I am talking about a small wired Bluetooth headset with a significant driver and thick, solid bass.

Sony WI-XB400-11

Considering the bass, there is probably not much to discuss. Even if it is just a low-priced headset, the XB400 still possesses the Extra Bass technology, bringing a vast bass range, a lot of volumes, thick, solid, airy, but not too overwhelming. The soundstage is also quite broad in terms of price.

Although still lacking in force and depth compared to other small Bluetooth headsets of the same type, Sony has an excellent bass headset in the segment.

The Sony WI-XB400 is not as good as the bass strip in terms of mid and treble, but it is still shown to be plump, sufficiently separated, detailed, and not wrong.


Overall, the Sony WI-XB400 has robust and high-quality bass quality, which is high in the budget segment. Feeling comfortable, two earbud headsets with built-in magnets ensure safety when worn on the go. Great battery life and fast charging. It can be said that Sony WI-XB400 is a severe competitor in the segment of cheap Bluetooth headsets about 60$

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