Review Sony WI-C310: Unique Design And IPX4 Water-Resistant

Sony WI-C310: Unique Design, IPX4 Water Resistance, Battery life, and Good Sound Quality

With great battery life, stable connectivity, and reliable Sony sound quality, the Sony WI-C310 is considered a wireless headset suitable for sports practice.


In terms of design, the WI-C310 is an improved product of the previous WI-C300. Sony knew how to balance the ears by placing the controller and battery symmetrically. This method also makes the strap more slender.

Most of the WI-C310 is finished in plastic, this way has the advantage of helping the weight of the product lighter, and when users wear to exercise, sports will feel very comfortable.

Sony WI-C310

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The navigation cluster is located on the left side of the wire, where users can perform volume up/down operations or turn on/off the power and reset the connection. The right cord is where the battery is located. You can see the battery size is quite large, and that is also why WI-C310 has great battery life.

Sony WI-C310-2

The headset’s housing is made of metal, which is also the main difference between the Sony WI-C310 and Sony WI-C200, The housing has a magnet, so the two sides of the headset can stick together whenever the user is not in use, quite neat.

Sony WI-C310-1

The cable that connects the two housing of WI-C310 is quite long. When not wearing earphones, the cord hanging under the neck does not look too neat. If you are a big tall guy, this is not a problem.

Sony WI-C310 supports IPX4 water resistance. This water resistance is quite low, so we can not soak or wash this headset. IPX4 will only help WI-C310 withstand sweat or light splashing.


Overall, the design of the Sony WI-C310 is quite fancy. For most Sony fans, this styling is more compact and sophisticated than previous generations.

Connectivity And Sound Quality:

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, Sony WI-C310 can connect with the device in a reasonably wide range, about 40m. Not only that, compared with Bluetooth 4.x, Bluetooth 5.0 has a much faster connection speed.


Sony headphones priced at $40 usually fall into the segment of cheap headphones, of course, and Sony’s products are at a level quite far compared to the rest of the world of headphones. But this time, maybe it was a little different, especially with WI-C310.

This model leaves a great sound, with the bass part not too thick and encroaching, in exchange for other sound bands showing precise details—notably, the bright, detailed treble, no glare.

Latest technology information page Sony-WI-C310-9 Sony WI-C310: Unique design, IPX4 water resistance, battery life, and excellent sound quality


Sony WI-C310 still shows strength and inspiration with new songs such as dance, EDM, vibrant pop … These are also the favorite music genres when users practice sports.

Of course, saying that does not mean that the WI-C310 sounds too good, like high-end headphones. Basically, it is better than the price and expectations of a Sony headset.

Battery Life And Fast Charging

Sony hasn’t announced this model’s exact battery capacity, but the number of operating hours it offers is about 15 hours. The experience is only about 11-12 hours, the difference is about 3 hours, but that does not affect the user experience.


Support for fast charging via USB-C is an exciting feature that Sony has brought to the WI-C310 headset, with 10 minutes of charging that users can use in 60 minutes. This feature will be convenient in emergencies.


With about $ 40, WI-C310 is an attractive wireless headset with fancy design, long experience time, and excellent sound quality. WI-C310 will be a noticeable choice for users who like to focus on and enjoy music in the most comfortable room.



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  1. I couldn’t find anywhere on the Internet that the wi-c310 is water resistant, or sweat proof or anything. Do you have some more info about this?

    • Thank you for the feedback from my article.
      And I also correct the product information for you to understand more clearly.

      Sony WI-C310 supports IPX4 water resistance, this water resistance is quite low, so C310 cannot soak or wash this headset. IPX4 will only help WI-C310 withstand sweat or light splashing.


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