Choose GoPro Hero 3 Cruise Camera If you Intend To Make Professional Travel Blogger

The most troubling thing for a young person who has the idea of ​​making Blogger is nothing else financially. But the equipment equipped with professional cameras has spent thousands of dollars. However, instead of buying expensive dedicated camcorders to do Blog, why not try GoPro Hero 3 for a lower price. Despite being a journey camera, the Hero 3 has all the necessary features or even more features to shoot Blog for beginners.

Images are sharper, more professional thanks to 4K recording capability

GoPro Hero 3

Although it has been released for several years, the Hero 3 still has 4K sharp video recording feature in the Black Edition version on frame 15 fps or 30 fps at 2704×1524 pixel resolution and slow-recording feature. Motion resolution 720P. In other words, this is also the best buy point for device compared to more expensive cameras or at the same price range. High definition means the video you shoot will be “cleaner” and “more,” more professional. When just starting to do Blogs, high-resolution video is a big plus for viewers.

Convenience Comes From Compactness to Go Everywhere.

Compared to many people, it is possible to use higher quality camcorders such as Canon 5D Mark III, Sony Alpha A7 II, etc. But they all face a disadvantage that is too big, too cumbersome. For those of you who are Blogs, you probably don’t want to sit back and turn around. Most people will like to go and go, review the food you like or go travel if that’s the case, device is the perfect choice for you.

Besides, you can also equip the device with a waterproof protective cover to take the opportunity to travel to the sea and take turns releasing the station. Then, whether it is Canon, Sony, or whatever, stop walking in front of the device.

Save Even More Than to GoPro Hero 3’s Excellent Recording Capabilities.

The device’s good recording ability is also worth mentioning. When using the device, most people need to talk directly. When shooting with GoPro, in other words, you can turn “vegetarian” without spending money to buy more mics or record separately.

Compared to expensive cameras, costing up to 30-40 million, after buying one, you will receive the teacher that the sound recording is terrible, and you will have to spend a sizable amount of money to buy more ones. The mic comes, and then your device will look extremely big and very bulky.

Wide-angle rotation gives a small space to the Lens Fisheye.

GoPro Hero 3-4

Fisheye Lens is also known as a Fisheye Lens for an extremely wide-angle rotation. As you all know, video recording for Blogs is essential in the background; it shows professionalism directly and attracts your viewers. Turning a wide-angle on the Hero 3 is also the most significant advantage for newcomers to blogging when you first start. Maybe you can’t invest much in the rotating, background, or rotating space. Narrow all of these weaknesses fixed on the device.

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