Reviews Osmo Action to fight GoPro needs more time.

Launched in May this year, it’s not too loud, but DJI’s Osmo Action is continuously “being” put on the table to compare with the very successful GoPro Hero 7 (Black), both by the same segment and is Smallest action camera today. To see how good it is for the first DJI camera to be and “confront” with the GoPro Hero 7, please check out Osmo Action with ThedroneRacing.


Recalled in 2016 when GoPro’s Karma advertised Fly-cam market share but eventually forced to withdraw due to technical errors when putting into use, making DJI laugh “lose buds.” Hopefully, this release of DJI will be nothing.

Let me neatly call it Action. If anyone has used it through GoPro, they will imagine Action’s shape right away because it is quite similar. In addition to the difference in location and the number of physical buttons (Action has three buttons, GoPro 2 buttons), the lens shape (Round Action, GoPro 7 square) helps us to have a recognition base. Of course, the lens on both devices is removable to replace, and I prefer the way of removing the Action wool. For the “tech-savvy” person like me, the first time to untie GoPro lens slightly, I had to check “Gu-Goong” I just knew, with Action, it was “easy.” Turn the “rup” is done.

Osmo Action

Because of the action “action” in the action-cam village, I have objectively identified the interface of Action and GoPro Hero 7. I like the layout of the Action interface, intuitive and super comfortable. Understand. By feeling the reality of getting used to the two interfaces, I appreciate the action more, of course, this is just a personal opinion, but it also reflects partly the seriousness of DJI in the interface – the thing that comes in contact with users. However, I said I liked the Action interface rather than saying Gopro’s “not good”.

DJI’s determination to make a difference is seen on the second screen (previous screen) of Action. “Better” than the GoPro 7 in the last screen of Action can display images like the following screen, can’t touch it. Unlike GoPro, show us some settings. It supports to manually rotate the angle of rotation more efficiently, to turn the screen display is not difficult. You use 2x fingers to click on the following screen, click and hold 1-second “QS” button or say “Screen Switch” is excellent.


The more extended screen makes Action appear more spacious with 16: 9 frame, unlike GoPro. You won’t find out that if you don’t have two devices at the same time, the GoPro display is a bit “paler” and Action is very sharp, but going to the GoPro video quality PC will be great again, more so than Action. A lack of Action compared to the GoPro Hero 7 is that it has no HDMI port connected to the monitor or TV to watch the video.

The Best Osmo Action


Osmo Action has voice control like GoPro, but the commands are slightly less (Action-5, GoPro-15), just stop at basic sentences such as spin / stop rotation (Start/Stop) recording), take (take a photo), switch screen (Screen Switch), turn off the device (shut down). The camcorder allows remote control via DJI Mimo mobile application.

Water-resistant is an equally important feature, according to DJI, announced that the Water-resistant Action is 11 meters deep, 7 meters above the GoPro Hero, unlike the GoPro Hero 7’s horizontal pin-pin closure, the Action uses to two latches to press down. I don’t think that GoPro Hero 7 is not good, but looking at the Action side makes me feel safer.

Safer Osmo Action

Speaking of camera rotation options, the Action is much narrower than the GoPro Hero 7, especially when it comes to anti-shake. Those who like wide angle, GoPro is still the best. In previous years when scenes on the camera journey were shaking, it is evident in life, in 2019, we finally saw it end. Gopro has made a big buzz about the ability to resist electronic vibration (HyperSmooth) when launching Hero 7 Black. DJI follows with the same feature called “Rocksteady.”

Safer Osmo Action 2

The first step to use is hard to recognize which “guy” is better than any guy, must wait a while longer.

Like the Hero 7 GoPro, Action can spin the Lown motion up to 8X, but the rotation is unstable because the anti-shake feature is turned off, can explain slow motion without vibration, but if you need an FHD video, it is both smooth and smooth can be slow motion up to 120FPS, GoPro Hero 7 can do that with necessary shake instead of turning off like on Action. Talking about vibration resistance, I will present more carefully in the video, please remember to watch on “TheDroneRacing” Youtube channel.

Image Quality

If anyone has used DJI’s drones, you will know that there are very few “fisheye” effects, which will be a weird sky if it is like a dome, but on the ground, want to give The wider angle we have to “tolerate” it, then Gopro provides Linear “anti-curve” mode when launching GoPro 5. On Action, DJI calls this feature “Dewarp,” it works exactly like “guy” there,” however, it will trim our video a little bit, Action cuts more than Hero 7, but in return, we have a” straight tape “movie. Whether to turn on / off wide angle (Dewarp-Action, Linear-Gopro), GoPro’s angle is still much wider.

One feature that can be said for this person but not very important to others is GPS, which has been included in GoPro for several years and is very important for DJI’s Drones, a bit regretful on Action is not available. Many people do not need it because they go back to normal, but it can do more surprises than we think. GPS can be collected, and through Quik software can display GPS path data, speed, altitude, and many other things that we should experience the word test. GoPro Hero 5 and above. The above data will be displayed on your video with incredibly fresh graphics. Make your clips more vivid with accurate information about your journey. You can customize, resize, move the meter, turn on, or turn off information chart layers.

An Action point that GoPro Hero 7 does not have is HDR, and HDR video does not require much explanation. However HDR is only available on video, the “Photo” side of the Action is not available, but only “AEB” takes four images continuously with a higher exposure level similar to a big explosion. To appeal to the user experience is the main reason because when you turn on HDR on Action and shoot at the same time with the GoPro Hero 7 (without HDR), it doesn’t make much difference. The travel camera is always oriented to be outdoors, so HDR is not unique. In return, the GoPro Hero 7 has a “Night mode” for good night photography.

Safer Osmo Action 3

After nearly 30 minutes of shooting, the area of ​​metal lens of Action started to “hot,” hot like someone using a charger for smartphone “lots.” But I don’t care, because I don’t have to touch that, worry. As for the audio, when I first heard Osmo Action collected noise seems to be better, this part I will study more carefully in the upcoming video.

According to the pin Action ad, it took 135 minutes to shoot 1080p 30fps (no anti-shake), 63 minutes 4k 60 fps (anti-shake), a bit of a pity, because I checked/shot a lot of modes the day I didn’t know OK. Gopro’s journey camera is almost “covering” for nearly a decade, inevitably there will be many battles between GoPro Hero and Osmo Action soon.

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  • Very intuitive interface
  • Two convenient screens
  • High-quality display
  • 4K 60p video
  • Video HDR
  • Electronic vibration resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Voice control


  • No GPS
  • Limited advanced resolution mode
  • Social networking features have not been promoted


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