DJI’s Osmo Action beat GoPro with two LCD screens

Recently, DJI has expanded “territory” and officially entered the world of action cameras with super products called “Osmo Action.”
This is one of the waterproof action cameras with both front and rear LCD screens and superior electronic image stabilization. With this super product, DJI officially challenged the king of ActionCam – GoPro.

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Dji Osmo Action 2

Osmo Action possesses an actual gray color, and the box shape is quite similar to its direct competitor, GoPro Hero7 Black. With the same design and user interface, and being able to record 4K video at speeds of up to 60 frames per second, Osmo Action has captured the favor of many ActionCam fans. Like most action cameras, “she” is also compatible with the GoPro mount system.

Dji Osmo Action 5

Osmo Action is the first effort of DJI for a real action Camera. As a prince in the Drones field like the famous Mavic 2 series, DJI previously avoided competition in the action camera segment, but the most recent company created for an action camera is Osmo Pocket, a gimbal camera. The handset is quite unusual and has also created a particular resonance for me. Although most are similar to the previous ones, Osmo Action has a few unique features that can bring their significant advantages.

Dji Osmo Action 6

With the LCD screen on the front of the camera offers more benefits than the initial status screen found on GoPro Hero7 Black. With Osmo Action, you can check the picture frame even if the rear main screen is not accessible. However, the front display is much smaller than the rear screen, “she” measures 1.4 inches diagonally and has a high 1: 1 ratio instead of the full 16: 9 aspect ratio. Standard You can choose to view video display in mailbox format or full screen with precise cut edges. Osmo Action will also display important information such as the time remaining on the SD card, battery life, and current camera mode as well as the ability to set the resolution.

Dji Osmo Action 7

Another unique feature is that Osmo Action supports interchangeable filters around the lens. You can easily exchange in a polarizer, underwater filter, or neutral density filter. Neutral density filters are suitable for action cameras, often used outdoors on sunny days, as they cut down on light and allow slower shutter speeds, resulting in the smoother, more natural video. so many, so much.

Dji Osmo Action 8

Also, although Osmo Action does not inherit the 3-axis gimbal, what fans may have expected from DJI has been realized, this action camera uses completely electronic stability named RockSteady. Like other EIS systems, shooting scenes may occur but will produce much smoother results. RockSteady seems to be a competitor with GoPro’s ability to stabilize the amazing HyperSmooth in Hero 7!

Dji Osmo Action 9

Users can shoot 4K videos up to 100 megabits per second in standard color configuration or D-Cinelike, which is useful for maintaining a more dynamic range. Video HDR is also available, although it does not work with RockSteady stability feature. Still, images taken at 12-megapixel resolution in JPEG or RAW format are self-explanatory and straightforward.

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