Insta360 One Camera Reviews – Super Camera 360 Products at 400$ Price

It is no coincidence that Insta360 One is included in the best 360 camera today since its launch. In addition to being equipped with a 24MP camera set with a deflection design, 6-axis anti-shake system, and 4K video recording capability. This camera 360 also supports many other unique features, such as self automatically remove sticks selfie when recording videos, automatically identify and track moving objects in videos — especially the ability to create Bullet-time effects that promise to bring you extraordinarily eye-catching and impressive scenes.

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Insta360 One Camera

Insta360 One is a 360-degree semi-professional camera, serving mainly for entertainment needs rather than professional photography and filming. However, this camera also can adjust depth parameters as well as support the ability to save RAW images, so One is suitable for those who have just “encroached” through 360-degree photography.

Insta360 One

A few specs, Insta360 One, uses 24MP camera duo designed with two sides, supports 360-degree video recording with 4K resolution at 30 fps speed and 2K speed of 60 fps. The ability to take photos on Insta360 One is also awe-inspiring when it can provide multiple shooting modes such as full manual adjustment (Manual), priority sensitivity (ISO priority) or priority of shutter speed (Shutter Speed ​​priority) and can save images with the RAW file format. Especially in Full manual mode (Manual), One will allow users to genuinely adjust parameters including ISO, EV, shutter speed, or white balance similar to those on professional models.

Insta360 One 1

The unfortunate little point is that One is not supported WiFi connection, in return, this camera is integrated with memory card slot for taking pictures, recording live video and saving directly to the memory card without having to depend with the phone. This is a pretty useful feature because it will help Insta360 One become more flexible in the process of use. One is not equipped with water resistance, but if you want to use the device underwater, you can equip the IP67 waterproof case with the manufacturer’s own sale.

Insta360 One 2

Overall, with these specifications of Insta360 One enough to meet the needs of ordinary users, it can even be used in professional scenes. Practical experience when shooting and recording videos, in full lighting conditions, images, and videos are quite good quality. Shooting or shooting operations are simple, the ability to respond to the quickest when pressing the shutter button, press twice to record video and news three times to activate slow motion mode. Also, One supports the ability to take RAW images and film LOG format suitable for those who like to edit post-production.

Insta360 One 3

One more excellent point on Insta360 One is the 6-axis anti-vibration system. This system uses a gyroscope with vibration measurement function on the camera body, then transfers information about the control chip, from there commands the components inside the lens to shift, helping to balance the level. Vibration, improve video quality when shooting more smoothly, minimize blur when performing complex scenes.

Insta360 One 4

The ability to merge and reconstruct images on One is highly appreciated, especially it can automatically delete selfie sticks when recording video to make the image look more natural, without appearing unusual spots Hold the phone or under the user’s handle. Also, Insta360 One supports live stream feature directly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Timelapse dial through Insta360 Nano application (detailed connection instructions you refer to this link).

Insta360 One 5

A prominent feature on Insta360 One that not many 360 camera models are that is the function of creating Bullet Time effect. If you are a “crazy fan” of the Matrix movie, you will know this unique feature right away. The Bullet Time effect will create a frame with a stationary subject in the center, and the camera will rotate around the issue. In the past, to achieve similar scenes, cinematographers need to install a lot of specialized camera equipment to switch the subject, then perform many new complex post-production stages. Get dramatic footage. For now, the problem has been much simplified with Insta360 One, and you need to switch the device to slow motion mode, tie the cord to the invention, then perform “manual rotation.” The advantage of this way is quite simple, and everyone can do it, follow the instructions and adjust the angle of rotation accordingly. However, one point to note is that you need to fasten the cord to the device and hold it firmly when rotating to avoid unwanted risks.

Insta360 One 6

Insta360 One is equipped with a protective case, allowing users to attach when not in use anymore. Also, this case can be turned into a compact monopod when you install the backup head that will enable you to mount the camera up, support shooting, video recording easily.

Insta360 One 7

At a price of under $ 400, Insta360 One is a 360-degree camera that is worth “rice bowl money.” Not only equipped with a quality camera system, but One also supports many unique shooting and video features. This camera model is the ideal choice for those who regularly travel, want to take pictures, and record the most impressive scenes.

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