The Best Drone for Beginners

Usually, beginner users will choose Drones because of the affordable price as well as ease of use, but in return, they are omitted many features and technology. If you want to experience these features, you can spend some extra money to buy more advanced versions.
In this article, we will introduce the best drones template for “pilots” to begin flying. And don’t let you wait too long, let TheDroneRacing discover the details of these planes!

The Best Drone for Beginners 2019

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1.DJI Tello

The top on this list is DJI Tello, and this is the lowest price of drone DJI. You only need to spend 103$ to be able to own “you” it. At a reasonable cost, this drone model is affordable for the majority of users. Despite being a mini-drone, Tello is still equipped with some of DJI’s leading technologies to make it easy to control flying. Tello’s 5MP camera system only allows users to take essential photos or videos, of course, you cannot ask for higher prices in such a low-cost aircraft.

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Super light design

Tello owns an extremely compact size with a weight of only 80g. Thanks to the ultra-light design, Tello can be easily controlled to fly in small spaces, making it easy for beginners to get used to the device. Also, safety features such as propeller protection and durable materials make Tello the perfect tool for new pilots, helping to improve flying skills more effectively.

STEM program

Tello allows users to program flights by using Scratch (a computer language developed by MIT) as well as performing impressive aerial operations such as flip up to 8 directions. Maybe Tello is a great drone for beginners to learn necessary flying skills or children who want to control airplanes manually.

Subject to use

– Users are just starting to fly

– Students, children, people with limited budgets

2.DJI Spark 

The next representative in this list is indispensable DJI Spark. Compact, more supportive and accessible, Spark is the ideal Drone model for indoor entertainment groups. Despite its relatively modest size, Spark is still “crammed” with a lot of DJI’s advanced technology, high-quality camera system, and stable gimbal. And especially the ability to control gestures. When you have used this feature successfully, mastering the sky will be more comfortable than ever.

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Quick start and support gesture control.

You only need about 10 seconds to get the Spark from the bag and start the device. No need to pair the Spark with the remote control or the phone app, raise your hand, and the device will automatically activate gesture control mode. After that, Spark will fly up at the height of about 3 meters. When you use your fingers to make a square, Spark will immediately understand and take a picture for you. When you lift your arm, the device will automatically fly to and park on your hand.

4K camera

Spark is equipped with a 12MP camera with a 2-axis anti-axial gimbal system that delivers exceptionally smooth footage. When compared to the Drones models with the same segment, the image quality of the camera on Spark is evaluated better, even the more advanced Drones must also envy the ability to take pictures of Spark.

Other smart features

In addition to gesture control mode, Spark also offers many other smart flight modes such as QuickShot, ActiveTrack, and TapFly. An image range sensor placed on the underside of the aircraft allows Spark to position it when flying indoors. If you want to find a Drone to take aerial photos with friends, then there’s no better option in the price range than the Spark.

Subject to use

– New beginners to fly

– Vlogger

– Tourists

3.DJI Mavic Air

Between the segments of Mavic Pro and Spark, Mavic Air is an excellent drones model for beginners thanks to the perfect balance between power and mobility. Designed to accompany you on travel trips, Mavic Air is only half the size of Mavic Pro but is still equipped with almost all the advanced features available on the elder version.

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Improve flight safety

The first thing that all drones users worry about is the safety of flying. Of course, no one wants to ruin their aircraft on an early flight. Fortunately, Mavic Air has some practical safety measures integrated. It is equipped with a Stereo Vision sensor system on the front, back, and bottom that monitors and detects surroundings when flying. This is an essential component of the advanced steering assistance system (APAS), which helps users locate a safe place to land and avoids objects that may interfere with flight.

The compact foldable design and smart features

Mavic Air has a super-portable design with the ability to fold it down to the size of a smartphone. For users who want to capture moments in life on the go, smart features like ActiveTrack, QuickShots, and SmartCapture are beneficial, making it easier to capture complex movements. So many, so much. ActiveTrack can identify and automatically track the subject without adding support from any device. This feature is excellent when shooting beautiful scenes that suddenly appear on a walk or a bike ride.

4K camera, support 3-axis anti-shake

Despite its compact design, Mavic Air is still equipped with a high-end camera system with a 12MP camera, supports 4K video recording and can capture both JPG and DNG RAW images. Besides, the company also integrated Mavic Air with a 3-axis anti-vibration gimbal to ensure all aerial footage is carried out as smoothly as possible. With 8 GB of internal memory, you can store photos and videos directly on the plane. Besides, you can also share videos or pictures directly to YouTube and Facebook for everyone to see.

Subject to use

– People who prioritize flight safety

– Tourists

– People who want a quality camera and have high mobility

4.DJI Mavic Pro

If you are a frequent traveler and want to find a compact, easy-to-use drones that are still equipped with a high-quality camera system, then DJI Mavic Pro is perfect for you. The aircraft can quickly fold, support many smart features that will help you capture extremely sharp pictures of great moments in life.

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The mode for beginners

Besides being equipped with a professional camera system and many advanced technologies, Mavic Pro also offers many basic flight features for beginners. DJI has designed a special mode for new “pilots” to get used to their aircraft. When flying in Beginner mode, Mavic Pro sets restrictions on altitude as well as flight distance. That will help you not to worry about losing control during the flight.

Smart features and longer flights

Once you have mastered the Beginner mode, you can switch to Tripod mode. However, we recommend flying in a wide area, free of obstructions, and windless conditions. After that, you can switch to more complex operations and locations. With a flight time of up to 27 minutes, you can completely fly freely.

4K camera, 3-axis anti-shake

Mavic Pro is equipped with a 3-axis anti-vibration gimbal with 12 MP camera capable of 4K video recording, enabling users to take photos and record videos with the best quality. You can save your photos as JPG or DNG RAW if you want to process post-production.

Subject to use

– Users want a small plane, long battery life, and high image quality

– Photographers want to search for a mobile device that is not reliable

– Tourists

5. DJI Mavic Pro 2

With a lot of valuable enhancements in technology features, DJI Mavic Pro 2 is an excellent choice for those who want to take professional photos right from their first flight. Possessing a rugged design, excellent wind resistance, and high mobility, Mavic 2 is a perfect support device for aerial photographers to create innovative artworks.

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Hasselblad camera

DJI Mavic 2 Pro is equipped with a high-end Hasselblad camera, capable of capturing images of up to 20 megapixels with stunning colors thanks to Hasselblad Natural Color Solution technology. This camera system will give new users the ability to express creativity when taking aerial photos most professionally.


The 24–48mm optical zoom camera on Mavic 2 Zoom can record 1080p video at 4x speed without zoom, allowing you to take stunning pictures from a safer distance. This feature is handy when you want to take photos of objects or sports events remotely.

Subject to use

– Tourists

– People who like taking photos outdoors

– Photographer

Best Drone for Beginners

Whether you are a new pilot or someone who wants to expand and improve your flying skills, DJI offers different drones models to meet every situation perfectly.

Spark and Tello are high mini-plane versions for beginners to learn how to fly. Despite its compact design and lightweight, both drones models can capture images that are not quite impressive to help you capture memorable moments with family and friends.

Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, and Mavic 2 are more advanced versions of DJI, but they are still straightforward to control and are a must-have choice for new “pilots.” When you have yourself a DJI drone, you will never be bored by the many different smart flight modes. You need to grasp the knowledge of flying to fly in the sky and Express your creativity with impressive pictures! Please visit website now, to find out the details of the specifications of these planes and choose for yourself the best model!

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