Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE 4k Camera with 3-Axis Anti-Vibration Gimbal

Xiaomi’s new Fimi X8 SE Drone was launched at the beginning of 2019 with features that are incredibly eye-catching, not exaggerated when it comes to saying that this is a product that can compete directly with the product lines of DJI in the price segment ranges from 500$ to 800$. The price is lower, but the features that it can bring are not inferior to the DJI product lines. If you’re looking for a Drone in this price segment, the Fimi X8 SE is the hardest choice to ignore.

Fimi A3 juniors products use only 2 axis gimbal. However, it has been able to prove to users the ability to perform well with high image quality, of course, this model of their products in the lower price segment. This time, the direct rival that Xiaomi aimed at is probably the cult series of Mavic Air Drones, and let’s find out more about its parameters, to see if the Flycam Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE is good or not.

Design of Fimi X8 SE

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Speaking of design, surely you will not be disappointed when the machine brings new design language with a modern and neat folding design, mechanical processing helps when using the Drone with strong impact ability in Long time use. The wing part is also applied by the manufacturer with special technology, reducing noise during use, making it quieter and more efficient.

Camera Parameters

Drones Fimi X8 SE

Fimi X8 SE is a perfect upgrade with a camera that can shoot 4K with 3-axis Gimbal cluster to make the image smooth at the shooting angles. Its camcorder also offers good recording speed when there are 30 frames per second, recording rate of 100 Mb/s images with the ability to capture F log or raw DNG. One of the factors that help smooth and sharp images is the 12Mp camera resolution and the IMX378 / 2.3 sensor.

Flight time and range of Fimi X8 SE

Drone Xiaomi X8 SE has a considerable flight distance, up to 5Km with a flight time of 33 minutes, this is undoubtedly an essential parameter for Drones in this price range. Even the rival DJI with the famous Mavic 2 product line is only for 31 minutes of flight time.

Features and operability

Naturally, in this price segment, the ability to hold the position as well as the smart flight features and GPS technology is indispensable, the machine fully satisfies the “basic” smart features such as near out of battery, automatic return wave loss, the ability to fly in circles, fly in the path… These features will help players control and control their equipment better.

One of the important factors to give users the feeling of comfortable use is the design of the hand control, the reasonable design makes it easy to monitor the device and control the device. The Fimi X8 SE controller has been redesigned but still ensures good use for many phones, and the Fimi X8 SE controller gives users the ability to take more complex photos.

Fimi X8 SE also has many excellent shooting features such as Hyperlapse, panorama, active track …. and one of its highlights is the ability to zoom up to 3X digitally.

Full set of products includes many accessories to help players easily and most comfortable during use

  • 01 Flycam Xiaomi
  • Fimi X8 SE
  • 01 Controller
  • 01 PIN
  • 03 USB cable
  • 06 Propeller
  • 01 AC cable
  • 01 Charger
  • 02 Instructions for use

As a typical product in 2019, the Fimi X8 SE is the perfect choice for Drones enthusiasts looking for a product that has the right price but still meets their needs.

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