Compare DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Phantom 4 Pro

In the market of camcorders, Chinese Drone company is rated as “the king of drone cameras” with a lot of modern drone versions. Here, we compare DJI Mavic and DJI Phantom 4 Pro and evaluate to get the most accurate view of these two versions, making it easier and more suitable to choose.

About specifications

The first point is the infrared sensor avoiding obstacles. If the DJI Mavic is only equipped with two similar infrared sensors in the Phantom 3, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro is equipped with four infrared sensors in four directions. This makes DJI Phantom 4 Pro able to avoid better magnetic obstacles, avoid bumps, and ensure safety for the device if unfortunately it is obstructed.

However, both devices are equipped with Active Track smart navigation function. This mode allows the user to record the entire image of the target subject whether or not it moves, while also helping both DJI Mavic and DJI Phantom 4 Pro have the ability to move away from the collision object despite the or 4 infrared sensing identification.

A unique feature is when comparing DJI Mavic and DJI Phantom 4 Pro, the Phantom 4 Pro version is equipped with a better camera. DJI Mavic is equipped with a 1/2.3 inch CMOS area while the Phantom 4 Pro is equipped with a sensor up to 1 inch wide.

Therefore, the quality of RAW images that Phantom 4 Pro produces is 20MP, 4K video at 30p speed. For Mavic, you will have 13.35MP image quality, 4K video in 24p condition. Also, Mavic has a narrower vision. The color band is even slimmer than the Phantom 4 Pro. Although not as high quality as DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic is also capable of providing you with vivid movies, sharp images, gorgeous and impressive.

About design and speed

Design is a strength of DJI Mavic: compact and easy to carry. Mavic with the design of folding shaft and coupling quickly collapsed into a solid metal block. This block is about the size of a bottle of filtered water, with a volume of 734 grams which is very convenient for carrying and moving during your journey. Also, the design is made of durable, ultra-light plastic, and you can leave Mavic in a travel bag to follow without using a backpack. This is very convenient for users, especially for professional travelers or amateur people.

Phantom 4 Profession

Compared to DJI Mavic, the Phantom 4 Pro is more bulky, more conservative and well-preserved. The Phantom 4 Pro is more extensive, with a plastic material, the blades are quite broad, can only be removed without folding the propeller and the front and rear fins. However, the redesign disadvantage is the speed advantage of the Phantom 4 Pro. This  Phantom 4 Pro version is still a quality power version with cruising speeds of up to 72km/h, a maximum altitude of 6000m, and Phantom 4 batteries flying for 30 minutes. In contrast, Mavic is slightly more disadvantageous at 64km/h in sport mode, with a height of 5000m in about 27 minutes.

Controller and communication

DJI Mavic’s controller also has a compact design and is the same color as the drone, plus it is also foldable. Compared to the Phantom 4 Pro controller, this controller is more compact. The handle is more comfortable to use. Along with that, the DJI Mavic controller is also integrated with two that need to be connected directly to IOS, as well as the slow flight mode and your Smartphone control application.

Although there are not many smart flight modes like the Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Mavic also has some flight modes that bring a lot of convenience to users. For example, the slow mode in small space (Tripod Mode), or Active Track mode allows users to track moving objects without worrying about interrupting or losing signals, or Gesture mode allows Take a selfie automatically by signaling to raise your hand or wave.

Should I choose DJI Phantom 4 Pro instead of DJI Mavic Pro?

DJI Mavic is more compact than the Phantom versions, but the rigidity and robustness are not as high as its predecessors. This version is considered suitable for amateur videographers, used in picnics, family filming. And the Phantom 4 Pro with more top-flight time and flight speed, integrated features as well as smart modes are stronger and more robust, more appreciated.

When buying a product, the price is always an important factor for consumers. Here, the DJI Mavic drone is rated more favorable when the price is only 299$, while the DJI Phantom 4 Pro costs up to 279$. Of course, the more money you have, the more benefits you will get, but you should carefully consider the benefits and costs so that your drone offers the highest satisfaction.

Above is the article comparing DJI Mavic and DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Thank you for watching!

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