Reviews Plantronics Explorer 500 Conversational Headset: Ultra-light and Extremely Good Noise Filter

If you need a conversational headset to be able to make calls on the road better for business needs. Plantronics Explorer 500 will not disappoint you, let’s explore with us what this earphone has and will help you.


Plantronics Explorer 500 has a beautiful and simple design. The headset owns an ultra-lightweight of the only 7.5g. The feeling of wearing is almost invisible because the weight of the headset is too light. This is a strong point and also a weakness of Plantronics Explorer 500. Strength because the light size makes you more comfortable to wear and does not feel too heavy on the ear. The weak point is that it is complicated for you to detect whether or not you are wearing headphones because the headphones are too light.

Plantronics Explorer 500

The slender and long design of the headphones and the ridges for a higher grip, limit the slipping during use. The ear cushions are made from high-quality plastic for a soft feel, along with the frame that helps fix the headphones on your ears. Because of its intelligent design, it is complicated for headphones to fall out of your ears.

Plantronics Explorer 500

Also, you get a free car jack to help users feel more secure when using it. Plantronics always brings the best user experience.

The function buttons are arranged very evenly so that you can operate on the headset without having to take down the headset and adjust that can perform right on the ear quickly. The headset connector is located on the top of the headset to make the most out of the headset.

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In addition to the basic features such as custom music, volume, listen to call right on the headset without using the phone, the Plantronics Explorer 500 also can connect with other smart devices such as tablets, etc.

Besides, the other very smart features of the headset, such as voice control activation are also integrated on Plantronics Explorer 500. You can use the buttons on the headset to activate virtual assistant Siri, Google or Cortana for things like directions, searching the web without the need to manipulate over the phone. Your voice will handle all.

Plantronics Explorer 500

Noise cancelling is also an exciting feature on this Plantronics headset. This feature is not too new but not too old because it has upgraded the ability to filter noise better for this headset. Plantronics Explorer 500 can filter wind noise and echo sound for stable voice quality.

This helps a lot for travelling on the road with dense traffic in big cities.

Headphones using Bluetooth 4.1 connection. Also, the connectivity of Explorer 500 is excellent when it can connect to 2 phones at the same time, and you can choose 1 of 2 calls from these two phones.

Battery Life

Plantronics Explorer 500 can operate for 7 hours to talk continuously. Also, the battery life of the headset is shown through the phone. You will no longer have to worry about when the headset will run out of battery. DeepSleep technology will still be available on Plantronics Explorer 500 for up to 6 months of battery life.


With the ability to talk extremely well in noisy conditions, Plantronics Explorer 500 is the right choice for a conversation headset. Also, the ability to listen to music on headphones appreciated for sound quality, which you can use in any activity.

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