10 Tips On How To Choose The Best Drone For GoPro

Are you considering building a career in photography or you just really love to shortage amazing photographs and videos in your spare time, but you just can’t figure out how to choose the best drone for GoPro? You have come to the right place. If you are reading this article, the chances are that you have been binge watching drone GoPro footages on YouTube.

We totally admit that most of those videos are fascinating, to say the least, and we totally get why anyone who loves cool photography would want to lay their hands on a drone to integrate their GoPro cameras to and record some mind-blowing GoPro videos.

It is amazing how much impact the combination of  GoPro cameras and drones have had on the world of photography, anyone can now shoot an aerial footage of a beautiful landscape on the countryside or even footage of sporting events like surfing and the likes. The limits are boundless when it comes to these two gadgets combined.

For those who are ready to take their photography skills up another notch, we have taken the pain of putting together xx tips on how to choose the best drone for GoPro.

What You Need To Use Our Tips

  • Great flying experience: The last thing you want is crashing your drone and maybe destroying it along with your GoPro the same day you sent it to the sky. You definitely will shoot better footage with good drone flying experience or if you have once owned a beginner drone.
  • GoPro : Our tips are no use if you do not have a GoPro or intend to buy one. You can get a GoPro at an online store or in your local gadgets and electronics store.

10 Tips For Choosing a Drone For GoPro

We do understand how difficult it can be to buy a drone, but you just don’t know what to look out for. You have no idea what the specifications mean or what capabilities to keep an eye out for, especially when shopping for a drone for GoPro. Now that you have decided to purchase a drone to attach your GoPro camera too, here are some important tips that will help you choose the best drone for GoPro.

1. Controllable Range:

We believe that you might want a drone that can go further, giving you more area to cover and better use of your GoPro. The range a drone can fly also determines the distance between your controller and the drone. We recommend a drone that suits the purpose for which you are buying it, but if you are thinking about recording videos of lush landscapes and beautiful mountain ranges, a drone with a longer range is a great option for GoPro. https://bit.ly/2qurl1a source: dronesglobe.com. There are drones that have the capability of flying over a range of 7 kilometers and are equipped with the necessary technology that ensures that they never get lost or go out of range.

2. Battery Life

It hardly takes too long before people realize that they could have purchased a drone with a solid battery life. This is because the average drone can last in the air for about 7 minutes before you need to bring it down to have the battery charged or replaced. You might want to consider battery life as one of the important factors you need to consider before buying that drone. Since are going to attach a GoPro to the drone, it just makes sense that you invest in a front with very good battery life, so that you can fly your drone further and chase every photogenic object that you can find. Whether you are purchasing the drone to capture professional-grade footage, or as a casual hobby whereby you can capture images of your holiday with family and friends, you definitely would want any of that to end in a couple of minutes. There are a few things you need to keep in mind concerning battery life:

– Charging Time 

The charging time determines how long it will to recharge the battery once it has been completely used up. The average drone will take nothing less than 2 hours for a full charge, so patience is key. If you do not want to have to wait, consider carrying extra batteries along with you.

– Replacement Batteries

Some brands do offer supply their drones with one or two extra batteries, which is a great thing for GoPro. You want to ensure that the fun is not cut short for hours due to a dead battery. Sometimes while out in the outdoors you might not even get a charging outlet, so an extra battery always comes in handy.

– Battery Life

You also need to check how long the drone will work while in the air. Most brands will include this piece of information on the packaging, so try to look out for it.

3. Gimbal Stabilizer

A gimbal stabilizer can actually be the difference between you capturing amazing footage or poor and blurry ones. The gimbal stabilizer is a technology that you will find on most of the top range drone models, it helps keep you GoPro in place, also reducing the vibrations from the drone in flight. The gimbal stabilizer is the reason why you are able to enjoy those YouTube GoPro videos that look as though they had been made by the professional photographer. While many of those videos are made by experienced individuals who have honed the skill of flying a drone and using a GoPro, you are likely to create stunning videos and images even if you are a beginner, thanks to the gimbal stabilizer.

4. First Person View (FPV)

Drones with the first-person view is a really cool feature to consider when shopping for a drone for GoPro. This feature lets you see everything on the controller or smartphone screen, you are basically in the cockpit. This feature actually makes your GoPro more fun to use; imagine using the FPV to capture stunning footages of a surfer riding the waves, it is breathtaking. Some drones ready have this feature, and for others, you might just need to buy additional hardware in order to have the FPV. When you are out shopping for a drone for GoPro, do not get carried away by the cool pictures of the product on the box, do some digging and look for technical details about the product.

5. Replacement Parts

No matter how skilled you are with flying drones, it is quite reasonable to consider that your drone will crash at one point or the other. Drones are fragile, especially if they are crashing into buildings or falling out of the sky. To avoid rendering your drone useless after a crash in the future, it is a great move to invest in a brand that offers many replacement parts. If you are looking to buy from some of the well-known brands such as Dji and Yuneec, you will not have to worry about getting replacement parts. Ensure that you check the box for the parts included or simply ask the store attendant for more information about the drone of your choice.

6. Mount

Never forget to look out for this feature. Your GoPro is useless without a mount, and worse is if you buy a drone that does not allow you use to separately purchased GoPro mount. The mount basically lets you fix the GoPro to the drone. If you intend to use different cameras from time to time, we recommend you buy a drone with a “universal mount” or one that lets you attach other cameras that aren’t GoPro. Make sure to check the product specifications, so you do not miss this important feature.

7. Size and Weight

Drones come in different sizes. There are pocket-sized drones as well as the larger ones that you actually need a carry case to move them from one point to another. This really depends on your mobility factor; if you are going into the woods or on some other outdoor adventure, a lightweight drone comes in handy. You want to purchase a drone that won’t add to the weight of all the things in your backpack. But if you are not going to move about much, say you already picked a location to put your GoPro to use, then you can go for the large size drones.

8. Flight Time

We are back to this very important factor. It won’t be of any use if your drone’s low battery indicator goes off only a few minutes after it’s in the air and you have barely captured two images. If you are buying a GoPro drone for professional photography, then there are no two ways about this, invest in a drone that offers a longer flight time.

9. Price

For many people, the price of a GoPro drone will be the key factor to consider. This might make it even easier to buy a drone since you already have a fixed budget, but you might end up with the wrong drone. You have to compare the cost of the drone with its cost of maintenance. Some of the high-end GoPro drone models already come with a variety of replacement parts, therefore you do not need to worry too much about maintenance. We also recommend buying a high-end drone if you are going to need it for professional reasons. The more expensive drones tend to last longer and can be used for many years. But if you are buying a GoPro just for hobby or entertaining your friends and family, consider buying the less expensive ones. However, if you do not have a tight budget and you want a top of the shelf GoPro drone, there is absolutely nothing stopping you.

10. Ease Of Use

Controlling a drone for the first time can be quite a daunting and turbulent task. Without the adequate skill level needed flying a drone may not be as easy as it seems, so it will do you a great favor if you purchased a drone that is easy to operate. It is totally fine if you are pro, but if you aren’t, purchase an easy to use a drone.


We do hope that you enjoyed our 10 tips for choosing a drone for GoPro, and we also hope that you have all the information you need to make the best decision. We put this list together because we understand that there are many people who actually need these tips, and it was important for us to make this information available.

Please feel free to share your amazing GoPro pictures and footage with us, also we would like you to leave a comment and tell us about your experience shopping for a drone for GoPro and how this article has been of help to you. You can share this article across your social platforms and friends who might need this important information.

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