10 Reasons to Choose to Buy DJI Mavic Pro

The unmanned aircraft market is fiercely competitive, with a series of new drones, notable among them, the Mavic Pro—one of the most popular models of drones today. So what makes this drone so attractive? In the article below, join us in exploring the top reasons for deciding to choose Mavic Pro.

Unlike the first few months when the Mavic Pro was introduced, when it was still hard to find, the drone is now easily found everywhere. The popularity of the Mavic Pro increased dramatically even when DJI released an updated version of Mavic Pro Platinum that provides longer flight times and quieter operation on the air.

10. Trusted brand

Those who are just beginning to practice using drones or other light drones probably don’t know much about DJI, but we can confirm that DJI is a leading drone brand today. DJI drone models all have quite a price; most of them cost over $1,000. This shows that this is a drone brand for the high-end and professional market.

Dji Mavic Pro

Look at the price of Mavic Pro starting at $ 999 with the lowest version or fully equipped Inspire 2 models costing up to $ 6,000, surely not everyone can afford to own it. A DJI Drone to control the sky. However, if you are looking for a professional aerial camera, DJI is the best brand to date.

9. Parts & Accessories

Although the situation of broken rotor does not happen regularly, if it is unfortunate, it is difficult to find replacement parts for uncrewed aircraft because it is not widely used. Still, DJI This has been very well supported. The company has produced additional replacement parts for drone models next to the main product, and users can easily find links to their aircraft at DJI’s good drone stores.

Dji Mavic Pro 2

DJI attaches great importance not only to accessories but also to accessories for its “darlings.” Recently, the company has updated a series of new accessories for Mavic Pro, from simple things like carrying bags and replacement cables to high-end accessories like new chargers with the ability to supply four batteries simultaneously. I ordered ND filters for cameras and sunshade hoods for phones, and these are all necessary accessories for Drones when flying in sunny conditions.

It can be said that Mavic Pro is really a great drone for beginners and it seems DJI understands that, so it has produced additional protective accessories for this drone. The company has added a new propeller protection kit for Mavic Pro to ensure maximum safety for the device when flying. However, if you use this accessory, it will affect battery life. For your peace of mind when controlling a drone overhead, it is necessary to equip protection.

Dji Mavic Pro 3

In the past few months, the popularity of Mavic Pro has resulted in many third-party accessories appearing. I do not guarantee whether these accessories are quality and reliable, so to ensure safety, you should look to reputable drone stores for the best support.

8. 4K camera

4K cameras are a new trend on current aircraft models, and DJI seems to be leading this trend. Although not comparable to 4K quality on full-frame DSLR cameras, equipping Mavic Pro’s 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor shows a new step for DJI in quality upgrades the camera on drones.

Dji Mavic Pro 4

To please users, Mavic Pro did much better by recording 4K Cinematic images in full resolution of 4096 × 2160 pixels instead of 3840 × 2160 pixels resolution as in the 4K standard. With 4K Cinematic quality, the device can record video at 24fps, and if you shoot 4K standard, it can reach 25 or 30 fps if you want.

In addition to 4K recording capability, there are many exciting features on the Mavic Pro camera, but I do not mention much here. DJI has updated the new version of its DJI GO 4 application, adding camera control and recording capabilities while flying. But the update’s highlight this time is the continuous autofocus option, and you will no longer struggle with focusing by pressing the button on the back of the device as before.

4K camera Dji Mavic Pro 3

7. Remote Control

I was impressed with the Mavic Pro remote controller, which has a neat design and more features. The small LCD screen provides a lot of information about drones, making it easy to control aerial devices and return to their original positions. Also, it allows users to follow high-quality images with sharp 4K quality. Home keys, video capture, image capture, pause, and autofocus are conveniently arranged and easily manipulated. The device can connect to drones within 4.3km, which means you can still watch HD videos directly on smartphones that are shot from aircraft at a distance of nearly 7km. Note that drone batteries are quite weak, so you only control the plane in a short range to avoid unfortunate incidents.

Remote Control Dji Mavic Pro 4

DJI has added the ability to connect two remote controllers with one Mavic Pro. The primary remote control takes priority, while the second remote control can still operate the aircraft. This is the perfect way to train a new pilot or allow more people to watch live videos simultaneously.

6. Range of Operation

As I said above, the range to control the Mavic Pro is about 4.3km at most. According to DJI, the drones can move about 8 km per charge, so you can’t control the device at a distance of 8.6km. This is Mavic Pro’s maximum travel distance, including the direction of travel and returns within range, can be controlled.

Scope of Operation Dji Mavic Pro 5

Although the scope of Mavic Pro’s operation is quite short, it does not satisfy users’ flight needs. However, it is still enough for you to capture important moments, take photos, and record videos about great places that you’ve never seen before. It will also be beneficial when used in search and rescue situations, examining areas with complex terrain that people cannot reach. However, before putting your drones in the sky, carefully check the rules and laws in the area you fly to avoid unintended troubles.

5. Folding Design – Quick Release Propellers

Quick folding Design Dji Mavic Pro

Mobility is essential when deciding to buy drones, and Mavic Pro has done this very well. Many drone models require a large handbag or even have to remove parts to be able to fit into a backpack. However, this does not happen on DJI Mavic Pro, with the smart design you do not need to remove the fan blades but fold them by grasping the engine, press the fan blades down and rotate, Then put the device neatly into your bag easily. Is it simple to transport Mavic Pro safely?

4. Flight Mode

Dji Drone Fly Mode

DJI offers a wide range of automatic flight modes on new models, most of which are equipped with Mavic Pro. In follow-me mode, there are a few notable features, such as localizing and tracking subjects, identifying flight points, and taking off and landing on the smartphone screen.

You can also control the device yourself, but in most cases, you only need to use the remote control to ask Mavic Pro to go anywhere, the rest will let the aircraft handle itself. When an obstacle is detected in the front, you can press the pause button to make the auto fly away if it is dangerous.

3. Virtual Reality Glasses DJI Goggles

Virtual Reality Glasses DJI Goggles

Ocusync is a powerful tool that integrates Mavic Pro. This particular connection protocol allows the simultaneous connection of two remote controllers to the drones at the same time, supporting better online video viewing. Ocusync is used in DJI Google virtual reality glasses directly connected to Mavic Pro to help users have the best FPV experience when the device is flying in the air. Also, Goggles can control Mavic Pro by gestures such as turning veer to record the gimbal camera and setting up Active Track mode…

2. Size

Mavic Pro’s neat folding capability is really impressive, but even when the full size of this drone is fully opened, it is still very small, just equivalent to a bottle of soft drink. You can easily put the device into a backpack or bag and carry it anywhere and be ready to take it to the sky at any time.

Size Dji Mavic Pro

With an overall size of 83 * 83 * 198mm when folding the wings, the same weight is only 734g, anyone can easily carry Mavic Pro in hand. Meanwhile, the controller also has a size and weight of less than half that of the device. You can still use a bigger drone, depending on your needs, but if you’re like me when my backpack crams a lot of things like laptops, tablets, and cameras, then a compact aircraft would be a much better choice.

1. Usability

Usability Dji Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro is a versatile drone that can be used for various purposes such as filming, professional photography, or merely satisfying the flying passion of “pilots.” However, to be able to own the best camera in the sky, you have to spend no less than 1000$, this is a small amount not for those who do not have financial surplus like me though However, when you have decided to spend that money on Mavic Pro will certainly not regret what this plane has to offer.

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