7 Stunning Ways How To Enjoy New RTF Racing Drones – Number 3 Will Shock!

If you love RTF racing drones, it is obvious you are looking for action and excitement. Seeing how fast you can go or racing your friends is a brilliant way to have fun, but most people want more energy and passion with their favourite hobby. I love racing drones and my brother, and I take our hobby to extremes.

​We’ve compiled a list of ways to enjoy your drones that aren’t suitable for all the family, but if you want to create moments and memories, you will never forget, these are top tips you’ll be desperate to try for yourself.

Make some money with aerial photography

drone photography

When you find a hobby that helps you make money, you will have the most fun in the world. One of the hottest trends now is drone photography and drone videos. When you’re armed with the best standard of RTF racing drones, customized with a camera or video equipment, you can grab yourself a piece of the action. (https://store.dji.com/guides/11-tips-drone-photography/)

Real estate agents need images of the homes they sell, sports fans want a different view of their favorite team or stadium and can you imagine how loved wedding images or video from the air will be? Invest in video equipment, fly your drone and make enough money to buy even bigger and better drones!

Go fishing and cast your line further

If you love going fishing but feel as though you never cast your line far enough to catch the best fish, why not consider using your drone? You and your friends can take your RTF racing drones down by the lake and then cast off far out while you sit back on the bank and relax.

For some, fishing is a relaxing way to spend the day. For others, fishing is hugely competitive, and you need to catch the biggest and best fish. By casting your line farther into the lake, you can do both things. Imagine how shocked your friends will be when they are standing by the side of a river or pond and casting only to see your drone venture far out and cast your line! ​

Attach a weapon to your drone and hound your enemies!

drone and hound your enemies

Okay, this tip is going to sound particularly crazy, but this is far too common in some parts of the world. Armed drones are being used by militaries around the world, and when they attack civilians, it is only natural that civilians respond in kind. (https://techcrunch.com/2017/08/17/a-defense-company-put-a-machine-gun-on-a-drone/)

If this thought is a little bit too crazy for you, think along more modest lines like a pea-shooter or a potato gun. Think of the surprise you can pull on people you know when they find out that not only do they have a drone trailing them, the drone is firing pellets or potatoes at them!

Ideally, you should aim to have fun while still playing safe.

Spy on people who are up to no good

dancing in the dark

If you are suspicious about certain people or businesses in your area, why don’t you try and catch them in the act? Attaching a camera or video equipment allows you to spy in your local neighborhood, and you might just find people who are up to no good.

Whether you want to capture someone for personal reasons or you are keen to create evidence that will support law enforcement agencies, a racing drone is a brilliant way to gain access to locations you wouldn’t normally reach. Don’t break any trespassing laws and be prepared to admit you are wrong if you don’t capture any evidence but just think of how big a hero you’ll be if you find evidence of wrongdoing.

Create a light show for dancing in the dark

drone dance

Sometimes you and your friends want to hang out in the open air, even when it is night time and it is getting dark. If you want to create a special atmosphere or give yourself enough light to see what you are doing, use your RTF racing drones to create a light show.

Attaching glow sticks or small lights will brighten up your environment and depending on the color scheme you opt for, you can create an atmosphere you will never forget. Whether you are in the mood to dance, talk or party the night away, a light show will create more excitement. (https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/pixels-in-the-night-why-drone-light-shows-are-taking-off)

Make some noise for the boys and girls

drone speakers

Sometimes you don’t need a light show to have an amazing time, but you definitely need music. Can you imagine the excitement that will occur when your racing drone comes flying by, blaring out music thanks to the speakers that are attached to your drone?

With Bluetooth technology and speakers becoming smaller, this is a very simple process, and it means that no matter where you go, you can soundtrack every step you take.

Drop into a volcano or cave or massive hole

One of the biggest thrills you get from RTF racing drones is venturing into places that you wouldn’t normally gain access to?  Is there a local attraction that you would love to explore, but you can’t normally get into?

It may be that you’re lucky enough to live near a volcano but failing that, a cave or a massive hole will provide you with an interesting area to explore. Using your drone, capture footage that will give you a view on life you’ve never seen before.​

​Did you enjoy the list? It conjures up so many fantastic memories of me and my brother having fun, laughing all day with our racing drones. I really hope that the list inspires you to get out and have some fun with your racing drone and that you can create great memories of days out with your loved ones or best friends.

If you have been inspired to try some of the tips out or you cannot wait to get involved, leave a message in the comments below. Why not share it with your friends and get them involved too?

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