How To Keep Flying High – 7 Easy Drone GPS Tracker Tips For You

If you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your drone, you would be devastated at losing it. This is a hobby that brings so much joy and a pleasure to people, but a lost drone can be hard to take.

​With drone GPS tracker technology, staying in touch with your drone is simple. However, if you love your drone in the way my brother and I do ours, you want to learn as many tips to keep you flying high as you can. We have a huge passion for drones, we go out every weekend to fly them, and there is nothing more dispiriting than losing sight or contact with your drone.

Track your drone with confidence with a drone GPS tracker

Don’t despair though, there are ways that you can track your drone with greater confidence. When you want to enjoy your drone for as long as possible, you need assistance, and these tips will ensure you fly high for a long time to come.

Let’s cut to the chase and deliver the 7 easy drone GPS tracker tips for you:

  1. If your drone has a GPS tracker, ensure it is turned on.
  2. Ensure the compass has been calibrated before taking off
  3. ​Make sure the firmware is up to date
  4. Go old school and attach your phone number to the gadget
  5. Security mark your drone
  6. Attach a QR code that connects to a social media account
  7. Add a Bluetooth tracking device to your drone

If you are technically minded, these tips will hopefully give you some great ideas that you can implement straight away, but if you need further assistance in enhancing the chances of ensuring your drone is returned if it gets lost, the rest of the guide will tell you what you need to know.

drone QR code

If your drone has a GPS tracker, ensure it is turned on

Some drones have a GPS tracker in place, and if you happen to lose the connection, this is the most obvious way your drone will be returned to you. Drone GPS tracker systems often have a “Go Home” feature that when pressed, will inform your drone that it should return to your home location.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your home location is programmed into the drone tracker. Also, try the system out close to home rather than waiting until you really need to ensure it works.

Ensure the compass has been calibrated before taking off

Compasses have saved the day on many occasions, and they are just as crucial for drones as they are walkers and climbers. If your drone is equipped with a compass, you need to calibrate it before you use your drone.

​This may seem like a boring task but doing so provides you with more confidence, and it can prevent a terrible situation from occurring.

Make sure the firmware is up to date

As with most modern software and technology, drone GPS trackers are only of benefit if they are updated. Therefore, you need to ensure that your firmware is up to date. Some drones have been equipped with trackers, but because the software hasn’t been updated, the drone has been unable to return home.

Go old school and attach your phone number to the gadget

Drone GPS trackers are fantastic examples of what modern technology can do, but sometimes you need to turn to traditional technology to improve your chances in life. Write down a phone number on a piece of paper, laminate it and then ensure the number is securely fastened to your drone.

​Even if your drone GPS tracker fails, there is another chance for someone to find your tracker and send it home in confidence.

Security mark your drone

Like the principle of marking a bike with a security pen and your contact details or identifier (such as a postcode), it makes sense to mark your drone in this manner.

​If a dispute arises over the drone after it has been found, this information will help to prove that it is your drone and that you are the person who should take it home.

Attach a QR code that connects to a social media account

If you want to be slightly more hi-tech when it comes to marking your drone, create a QR code that directs people to your social media site or even your email address. Then you should print this QR code onto a sticker and then ensure this sticker is firmly attached to your drone.

​If you are technologically minded, it is likely that you will have a drone GPS tracker, but it never hurts to give yourself a few options, particularly when you want to enhance your chances of being reunited with a lost drone.

Add a Bluetooth tracking device to your drone

A very effective and high-tech way to safeguard your drone is to place a Bluetooth tracking device on to it. There are many brands to choose from, so shop around, but you’ll find that if your drone lands out of sight, this device will make it much easier for you to track the device.

If your drone lands in a built-up area, be active on social media to try and raise awareness about the device, where it is and the fact that it is your device.

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Add a Bluetooth tracking device to your drone

If the drone lands in an open space, it is possible to track its whereabouts by following the signal, and when you know that you are relatively close, you can phone the device and the ringtone will guide you directly to your drone.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this guide on how to never lose your drone. Drone GPS tracker technology has saved my brother and I lots of time and money, and all being well, it will prevent you from the heartache that comes from losing a drone.

​If you have enjoyed the guide or you know someone who will benefit from these tips, make sure to share it with them.

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