Build A Drone Kit How To Soar High In 11 Easy Steps

​When it comes to having fun, knowing how to build a drone kit is extremely useful knowledge. The pleasure that comes from building your drone from scratch is immense. ​However, this will then be bettered by the hours of fun that comes from watching your drone soar high above you.

However, do you know how to build a drone? Do you know the materials you need or how to draw the relevant materials together to ensure your drone glides through the air?

There are many commercial drones available to buy ready to use, but these don’t offer the same sense of pride and satisfaction. If you’re looking for a past-time that delivers a fantastic payoff or you want an activity that helps you spend time with loved ones, as I have done, building a drone kit is a fantastic option.

Whether you live in the city or country, flying a drone offers you the chance to explore your local area. With exercise, developing local knowledge, getting some exercise and the satisfaction that comes with making something, a build a drone kit may be the best purchase you make all year!

What components will you need to build a drone?

While there are many types of drone you can make, you will find that there is a commonality amongst the components you need. Your drone should consist of:

  • ​A frame – the frame can be metal, plastic or even wooden
  • ​Motors – aim for a minimum of four motors although larger drones will need more
  • ​Electronic Speed Controls – these are essential as they deliver power to the motors
  • ​Propeller – make sure the propeller matches your choice of frame
  • ​Connectors – these ensure that the motor and ESCs are connected together
  • ​A power distribution board – this connects the ESCs to the battery
  • ​Batteries – consider the capacity of the battery you use and how much power your drone needs
  • ​Mounting pad – this item minimizes the vibration which improves the quality of the flight
  • ​Controller – if you want to stay in control of your drone, this is essential
  • ​Metal pipe – to use to create landing gear

Step 1  Construct the frame

Whatever material you use, create two laths, which are 60cm long and have a width of 30mm. This will provide you with a robust base. Cross these laths to make an X-frame. You should add a rectangular piece in the middle of the frame, which should be 6 x 15 cm.Enter your text here…

If you use wood, nail and glue should be used to connect the laths and if you use metal, consider welding the laths together.

Step 2  Prepare your motors

You should drill holes in your frame to hold your motors. Review the size of the screw holes on the motors and use this as your guide for the size of holes you need to drill on the frame. You should also drill a hole that enables the clip and motor-shaft to move freely.

Step 3  Mount the ESCs

For this step, connect the speed controllers to the bottom side of the frame. Choose the underside of the frame as it will leave the upper side free for other components. Zip ties should be used to securely connect the ESCs to the frame.

Step 4​ Connect the landing gear

What goes up must come down so add landing gear to minimize the shock impact when your drone lands. A pro tip is to cut rings out of a metal pipe, which is 2cm thick, and then add these to the underside of your drone.

Step 5  Add the Landing Gear

This gear is an important part when landing your UAV because it significantly reduces the shock when the drone lands on solid ground. It can be made in diverse ways, but you should be creative and make it in your own and unique way.Secure the gear in an effective manner, with duct tape being a sensible material.

Add the Landing Gear

Step 6  Add the flight controller

Whether you have bought a pre-built flight-controller or you have built one from scratch, you need to make sure it works and connects with your motors. Individual flight-controllers come with their own instructions, so be sure to follow these steps carefully.

Step 7  Choose your wireless remote control system

There are many reputable names and brands with RC control systems such as FlySky, Turnigy, Spektrum and Futaba. Find one that is in your budget and which will give you the level of control you need to enjoy your drone. Consider that you may want to pitch, throttle and roll, as well as having a camera in place so make sure you have sufficient channels for your needs.

Step 8  Mount your choice of the flight controller

You have freedom in where you can place your flight controller, but you need to ensure that all the components are securely fastened to your drone. The use of zip ties is a highly effective way to ensure your flight controller is held securely in place.

To improve the stability of your drone, add a piece of sponge to the bottom of the flight controller. This will minimise vibrations from the motor, creating a more stable flight.

flight controller

Step 9  Ensure the open pilot is connected to the drone

You need to make sure that the flight controller is connected to the ESCs and the remote control. Given that there are various flight controllers to choose from, find an online video which pertains to your choice of controller and then follow the instructions on the video.

connected to the drone

Step 10  Test your drone

It is best to be cautious when first using your drone. Check all the functions and features at a low level. After a test, make sure all the components remain secure and safely in place.

Step 11  Enjoy yourself

After you have built your drone and you have tested it, it is time to fly your drone. Choose a safe location and prepare yourself for a fun time. Carry some zip ties and other repair elements that will allow you to make running repairs in case of something minor going wrong.

Enjoy yourself

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this tutorial and that it has given you the confidence or impetus to build your own drone. I’ve had fantastic days building drones with my loved ones and then many more great memories of flying the drones. If you are looking for an ideal activity to spend time with your children, siblings or family members, building and then flying a drone may be the ideal choice. There are diverse types of drones to build, so no matter your budget, you should be able to find your ideal solution. Please feel to leave a comment about the article and if you found the article to be useful, share it with your friends.

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