5 Awesome Aerial Videography Tips That You Need To Know

Are you keen to explore the concept of aerial videography? Well, this videography focuses on data acquisition for object tracking, and understanding scenes. Drone videography involves the use of aerial platforms. ​These aerial platforms have high-resolution cameras, and they can film videos from hundreds of feet. It will not be wrong to state that aerial videography is a simple remote sensing tool.

​When you use the aerial platform to shoot videos, then it gives you the opportunity to explore your sense of creativity. When you decide to take a plunge in this videography, then you get a chance to understand cinematography, advanced piloting skills, and smooth footage. What you will love about the aerial platforms is that they are compact, and this is why you get a chance to discover different video angles.

The good news is you have ample choice when it comes to choosing the best aerial platform, and this is why it becomes easy to choose the platform that suits your need.

​However, you need to keep one thing in mind. Drone videography is a tricky business so we will give you the best tips to excel in this videography.

Aerial Videography

Things to remember when taking a plunge into aerial videography

Tip 1: Try out different axes combinations rather than flying straight

What you need to remember is that your footage will not stand out if your aerial platform only moves backward or forward. If you want to add depth to your footage, then try out different combinations of the axes movement.

For example, when flying up, you should also fly sideways. You need to think like a videographer, and so flying straight will turn out to be a big mistake on your part.

​One important thing to mention here is that you should use your remote control sticks in a gentle way. Try out the steady, and slow movements to make the footage cinematic.

Tip 2: Follow the orbit rule

Do you want to enhance the cinematic effect of your video?  When a drone rotates around a subject, then it helps to give a great cinematic view. Try navigating a circle, and try to maintain your target in the middle when you fly sideways.

What you need to keep in mind is that it will take a fair amount of effort to fly the perfect circle. However, if you choose a drone as your aerial platform, then you can go for the intelligent flight mode.

​When you go for this mode, then your drone will automatically fly in a circle. You can also adjust the radius and the height in this mode.

Drone Aerial Videography

Tip 3:Following the subject from different angles

When you want your aerial videography to be flawless, then it will be a great idea to follow your subject from behind. You can pull your drone backward, and technically this shot is referred to as PullBack shot.

It will help you achieve a classic filming move. The drones have a Trace mode, and they tend to follow the subject as the drone moves away.

You can also fly parallel to your subject using the Profile mode. The benefit of opting for the Profile mode is that drone will maintain the same distance from the subject.

​The drones offer a tilt dial that allows you to adjust the frame of the subject. The best thing about the Profile Mode is that you can get great shots for your YouTube channel as well.

Tip 4: Avoid the sudden moves

There is one essential rule that you need to remember in drone videography, and that is to avoid sudden movements. The reason is that the sudden movements can ruin a good shot. Ideally, you should try to use fancy cinematic features that you get with your aerial platform. You should try to maintain the direction that is preset, and keep the gimble motion smooth.

​Secondly, do not forget to tap the record button a few seconds in advance so that you do not end up missing the ideal shot.

Tip 5: Maintain a low altitude

Some people have a misconception that aerial videography is all about maintaining height, but that is not true. You do get ample shooting space when you fly high, but you can only show the objects in detail when you fly at a low altitude. You should fly at a low altitude for opening ground shots.

best aerial videography

We hope that you enjoyed going through our aerial videography tips. All these tips are essential for you if you want to excel in cinematography. We strongly believe that the reader’s feedback is essential to add value to the content so do not forget to leave your comments in the comment section. Last, but not least, do not forget to share the article if you liked it.

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