Apple Has Acquired The Copyright For The Name “Airtags,” Indicating That The Accessory Is About To Be Released.

In the past, there have been reports that Apple is working on a new tracking accessory, dubbed AirTags. This product is rumored to be a physical card that supports Bluetooth connectivity, designed to help users locate their items such as pockets, keys, or wallets.

Today, sources from Macrumors have revealed information that Apple has bought the copyright for the name AirTags, a sign that the accessory is about to enter the market.


Specifically, a group called ISBC is said to have sold the AirTags brand to Apple. ISBC has confirmed that it sold the trademark but did not disclose who bought it. The group describes itself as the leading manufacturer of smart cards and RFID tags in Russia. In a statement, they noted that:

“The ISBC group of companies has decided to bet on increasing their product development under a single ISBC brand. This brand change is greatly determined by the international agreement on the assignment of the trademark AIRTAG. ”


It is known that Apple’s new AirTags accessory has appeared many times in different versions of iOS 13. Most recently, iOS 13.2 includes a hidden folder for a product called AirTags. Apple has not revealed when this accessory will be released. However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that it may be coming soon. Wait and watch it!

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