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Camera Vlog is an attractive trend for family members today. To shoot quality Vlog, you need a good idea, a good camera, and what else? The answer is a gimbal to prevent vibration. Let’s TheDroneRacing review Feiyu Vlog Pocket Gimbal – a product exclusively for Vloggers.

Is review Gimbal Feiyu Vlog Pocket Good?

Which country is the Feimu Gimbal Made In?

When taking photos and videos, having a stabilized, stabilized tripod or gimbal is an essential accessory, especially if you want professional, professional photos and videos. If you’re going to buy a good gimbal, you should go to the manufacturers of great photography accessories such as Feiyu. This is a brand from China – one of the leading countries in the field of manufacturing technology and electronic devices.

Useful features

Suitable for Smartphone

In this day and age, no need for a professional camera, but using familiar smartphones is enough to capture quality, professionalism, and detail. So the type of photography accessories now has to be designed to fit even smartphones. Gimbal Feiyu Vlog Pocket is a smartphone-specific product, specifically for video recording, Vlog with smartphones. Using specialized equipment like this will make your experience much more comfortable than using the usual gimbal for the camera.

Design, compact material

Want to know if the Feiyu Vlog Pocket gimbal is good or not? This gimbal has a bird wing design. Therefore, you can fold it very neatly and store it in a bag conveniently, not occupying an area. With you doing Vlog often have to change the location of the shooting, shooting on many special terrains, this is, even more, big advantage. Not only that, the fashion looks with bright colors, youthful also makes many young people enjoy the product at first sight. Manufactured from ultra-light premium materials, the weight of the gimbal is only 272g. But it has a capacity of up to 240g, ensuring consistent with all popular smartphone models on the market today.

3-Axis System

Anyone who has a little knowledge of the gimbal knows the 3-pin tripod is an ideal design, extremely solid. The 3-axis system of the device helps your phone stand even when standing on uneven terrain.

Quick Start is Supported By Intelligent AI System

To capture every expensive moment, sometimes there is no time to prepare when filming fully. Grasping that mentality, Feiyu Vlog Pocket has a super-fast start-up system in a snap, no need to manipulate alignment. Tracking AI system – extremely modern technology equipped in the machine is the factor that brings this magical ability.

Battery Life Up to 8 Hours

For Vlog or video recording needs, it will require much longer battery capacity than traditional photography. So if you want to evaluate Feiyu Vlog Pocket gimbal in detail, you should not ignore this factor. The product has a battery capacity specification of 1300mAh – a number that is highly appreciated compared to rivals.

Good Balance Ability

The Gimbal Feiyu Vlog Pocket has an almost auto-balance mode without any adjustments, meaning that just by inserting your phone into the device, you can get ready for movie recording anytime, anywhere. In addition, ergonomic buttons are sensitive for quick operation and maximum convenience.

Using Simple

Feiyu Vlog Pocket is also in the top of the sound, easy to use camera tripod. No need to be a professional, even if you are first familiar with the gimbal, users can use it easily. The device only has a single button to switch horizontal or vertical rotation.

How Much does Gimbal Feiyu Vlog Pocket Cost?

Genuine Gimbal Feiyu Vlog Pocket is currently on sale at 99$. This is considered to be an average price in the lineup of professional photography tripod. Besides buying a tripod where prestige is also an issue you need to be concerned about. You should go to large-scale and prestigious electronic distribution stores to be guaranteed genuine goods as well as a full warranty if you want to buy products more quickly and conveniently. Or you can look at large e-commerce channels like Amazon is also the right choice.

Should you buy Gimbal Feiyu Vlog Pocket for Smartphones

If you are a Vlogger, of course, Feiyu Vlog Pocket is an extremely good companion for the daily Vlog shooting. Not only that, those who like, often need to live stream on social networks, record videos on Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram, and anyone who wants to shoot high-quality smartphones is a Feiyu object. This is truly a tool “virtual life” effective of stylish young people in this new age.

Through the review of the Feiyu Vlog Pocket gimbal, you have definitely decided that you should buy this device. Let Feimu’s gimbal accompany you on fun and creative Vlog shoots!

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