Top 5 Best GoPro Gimbal

You rely on your GoPro to capture epic moments. So, why not ensure smooth, steady footage with a top gimbal? It doesn’t matter if you’re an adventure enthusiast, vlogger, or want better video. Investing in a good GoPro gimbal can make all the difference. We’ve tested and reviewed many options. We want to bring you the best gimbals. They offer stability, function, and durability for your next adventure. Keep reading to find the perfect match for your GoPro needs.

Top 5 best GoPro Gimbal 2024

1. DJI OSMO Mobile 6 Smartphone Stabilizer

DJI OSMO Mobile 6 Smartphone Stabilizer

DJI OSMO Mobile 6 Smartphone Stabilizer
  • Brand: hohem
  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 2.36″D x 6.69″W x 11.81″H
  • Item Weight: 1.2 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight: 0.88 Pounds

Before entering the world of smartphone stabilizers, consider the DJI OSMO Mobile 6. This gimbal has ActiveTrack 5.0 technology. It ensures smooth and stable videos. It works even in fast and obstacle-filled places. The small design weighs only 309g. It is easy to carry anywhere. The extendable arm allows for creative angles and perfect selfies.

The OSMO Mobile 6 has ShotGuides and one-touch editing. They make recording and editing videos easy. The control wheel makes it easy to adjust focus and zoom. This creates cinematic blurs and dramatic zoom effects.

The ‘Parents and children’ mode commands center stage with its debut. This feature records touching moments between you and your child. It lets you be present during the shoot. The 1000mAh battery capacity ensures extended use for all your filming needs.


  • ActiveTrack 5.0 technology.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • ShotGuides and one-touch editing


  • Battery life could be longer.
  • Limited compatibility with some devices.
  • Price may be on the higher side

2. DJI RSC 2 Gimbal for DSLR Cameras

DJI RSC 2 Gimbal for DSLR Cameras

DJI RSC 2 - 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR
  • Brand: DJI
  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 6.9″D x 7.3″W x 15.7″H
  • Item Weight: 2.65 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight: 4.2 Kilograms
  • Folded Size: 10.2 x 8.3 x 3″

It’s a top-notch gimbal for DSLR cameras. The DJI RSC 2 is a great option. It combines portability, power, and smooth stabilization. Its foldable design allows for easy transportation and storage. This makes it a great choice for on-the-go videographers.

The Titan Stabilization Algorithms do an impressive job. They capture smooth footage, even when using zoom lenses up to 100mm. The built-in 1-inch OLED screen provides easy control at your fingertips. The quick switch to vertical mode is handy for social media creators.

Some may like its compatibility with many popular camera brands. But, its short 14-hour battery life may disappoint others.


  • Foldable design for easy transportation
  • Titan Stabilization Algorithm for smoother footage
  • Quick switch to vertical shooting mode
  • Wide compatibility with popular camera brands


    3. Insta360 Flow AI-Powered Smartphone Gimbal

    Insta360 Flow AI-Powered Smartphone Gimbal

    Insta360 Flow AI-Powered Smartphone Gimbal
    • Brand: Insta360
    • Color: Stone Gray
    • Product Dimensions: 4″D x 4.5″W x 7.5″H
    • Item Weight: 1.6 Pounds
    • Maximum Weight: 300 Grams
    • Folded Size: 3.1×6.4×1.4in

    I was testing the Insta360 Flow AI-Powered Smartphone Gimbal. Its advanced tracking technology left me deeply impressed. The Deep Track 3.0 feature grasped my subjects tightly in the frame. It kept them in focus too. It did this with great accuracy and flexibility. My phone footage showed a stable, jitter-free quality with 3-axis support. It removed any unwanted shakes.

    A standout feature for me was the built-in selfie stick, tripod, and power bank combination. This all-in-one device simplified mobile filming. It let me seize ideal angles or set up stationary shots alone.

    Any drawbacks? Unfortunately, I found that not all features worked with some Android phones. This was due to varying interface protocols of different smartphone brands. This limitation may pose a challenge for some users.

    Zhiyun Crane M3S


    • Deep Track 3.0 AI-powered tracking
    • 3-axis stabilization for smooth footage
    • Built-in selfie stick, tripod, and power bank
    • All-day battery life
    • Foldable and portable design


      4. Hohem iSteady M6 Kit Smartphone Gimbal

      Hohem iSteady M6 Kit Smartphone Gimbal

      Hohem iSteady M6 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer
      • Brand: hohem
      • Color: Pink
      • Product Dimensions: 2.13″D x 6.54″W x 11.7″H
      • Item Weight: 551 Grams
      • Maximum Weight: 400 Grams

      Are you in the market for a smartphone gimbal? It offers top-of-the-line stabilization and versatile shooting options. If so, the Hohem iSteady M6 Kit is the one for you. It has AI vision sensors for flexible camera switching. It also has a Magnetic Fill Light with adjustable color temperatures. This gimbal is perfect for social media video creation. The OLED display makes it easy to monitor gimbal parameters. The ultra-wide-angle shots and control wheel make capturing smooth, professional footage easy.

      The iSteady M6 can hold 400 grams. This fits most smartphones. It ensures shake-free creations on the go. The control wheel is versatile. It allows for precise focus and lighting adjustments. The roll axis rotation feature adds a new level of creativity to your shots.

      The Hohem iSteady M6 Kit has a cool feature. You can power on the gimbal whether your phone is in front of or behind the roll motor. This allows for unobstructed views. This makes capturing dynamic shots effortlessly.

      GoPro Karma Grip


      • AI vision sensor for flexible camera switching
      • Adjustable color temperatures for personalized lighting
      • OLED display for easy monitoring


      • May be a bit bulky for travel
      • Price point may be high for some users
      • Limited compatibility with larger smartphones

      5. FeiyuTech SCORP-C Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

      FeiyuTech SCORP-C Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

      FeiyuTech SCORP-C Camera Stabilizer Gimbal
      • Brand: FeiyuTech
      • Color: Black
      • Product Dimensions: 12″D x 9.5″W x 8.2″H
      • Item Weight: 1200 Grams
      • Maximum Weight: 2500 Grams
      • Folded Size: 280.8*266.2*71.3mm

      The FeiyuTech SCORP-C Camera Stabilizer Gimbal is a versatile and powerful tool. It’s for filmmakers and photographers alike. It works with a wide range of mirrorless and DSLR cameras. This makes it a top choice for both professionals and enthusiasts. The gimbal has an innovative design. It includes a built-in hanging handle for easy control. It has a tilted handle for extended use. It also has a folding aileron bracket for setup.

      SCORPC’s kind design features make installation and leveling easy. It has a three-axis motor lock. It also has a five-way center of gravity change and a memory slider. Plus, an Arca Quick Release Plate. The powerful key allows easy switching between modes. It has a 2500mAh efficient battery with fast charging. This supports extended shooting sessions.

      The SCORP-C has some standout features. It has an AB Trajectory Memory for custom movement and a Flash Mode for quick follow shots. It also has various photography modes for creative shots. However, it lacks a detailed display screen. This makes it harder to navigate and adjust settings. That can be a drawback for some users.

      FeiyuTech SCORP-C Camera Stabilizer Gimbal


      • Wide compatibility with popular cameras
      • Easy installation and leveling features
      • Powerful battery with fast charging support
      • Various shooting modes for creative shots



        Selecting a suitable GoPro stabilizer enhances video quality significantly. It creates smooth, pro-looking footage. To find the perfect gimbal, think about what you need. Consider stability, battery life, compatibility, and portability. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vlogger, action sports enthusiast, or filmmaker. Get a high-quality GoPro gimbal. It will take your content to the next level.

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