Kindle Reading Machine – A Solution for Book Lovers

You like to read and have the habit of having a book wherever you go. However, carrying books makes you feel extremely inconvenient. You decided to switch to reading online books on your phone or iPad, but you have sore eyes and dizziness due to the influence of “blue light.” So, what is the best solution today?

Kindle Reading Machine is an excellent solution for those who love reading in the era of technology 4.0. Come with us immediately refer to “7 reasons to own a Kindle reader”!

1. Slim, Lightweight Design

Instead of holding a thick book like before, you have a Kindle reader. With a slim and lightweight design of less than 300g, it is easy to pocket and takes with you anywhere, even on a picnic.

Kindle Reading Machine

Despite being a mechanical device, the Kindle reader is no different from a regular book. The unique feature of this book reader is that whether you choose to read with your left or right hand, the page orientation will automatically rotate to match the direction you read in. The extreme battery capacity allows for continuous use for a long time, up to two weeks if not using Wi-Fi offline!

2. Protect Your Eyes

All Kindle readers are equipped with LED backlighting, allowing you to read in the dark but without eye strain and eye strain. Also, you can adjust the brightness to suit any environment, whether outdoors or in a dark room. That’s because the Kindle book reader is integrated with E-paper & E-ink technology to help make text and images as accurate as paper books.

3. The Huge Bookstore at Hand

Kindle – Amazon’s brand of reading machines is always the first name mentioned when discussing “Reading Machine.” The current position is thanks to Amazon’s colossal ebook store and continuously updated Internal memory capacity of up to 8GB, which can accommodate up to thousands of books on all topics such as literature, economics, history, politics, science, etc.

Also, Amazon has the “Bestseller Kindle Top Free” column, which has thousands of free books to choose from. Or you can subscribe to “Kindle Unlimited” for nearly $ 9 / month to experience the new and rarest titles on the market!

4. Read Books Wherever You Want

Some product lines of Kindle reading machines have now been upgraded with superior water resistance. You can read books and relax in many places, even on the beach, pool or bath, or anywhere there is water, without worrying about “falling” into the water anymore. Thanks to the final body design, the water resistance of the entire device can withstand water pressure up to 2 meters for up to 1 hour. You can enjoy reading without worrying about broken equipment!

5. Cost Savings

If you love to read, you usually spend a lot of money buying your favorite paper books each month. This happens regularly and costs you massive amounts of money. But if you use a book reader, you will not need to spend too much money anymore. That’s because you can read books for free through the ebook store on significant websites or online bookstores.

Kindle Reading Machine

6. Experience the New Feature of Listening to Audiobooks

If reading for too long makes your eyes tired, you can now listen to audiobooks.

Kindle Reader allows you to seamlessly switch between reading and listening via Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones. This feature allows you to hear the very next part of the book you are currently reading.

This is a handy feature. You can do housework, lie on the sofa, or sunbathe on the beach while listening to audiobooks. You can also hear celebrities talking about your favorite topics, enjoy performances, explore audiobooks, and have even more amazing experiences.

7. Superexcellent English Learning Support

It has a built-in dictionary for searching English – Vietnamese, Vietnamese – English, and other languages ​​ready to assist you when encountering difficult words in books. In addition, the Flashcard and Vocabulary Building system makes it easier and more enjoyable to learn English.

Also, the machine also incorporates a note-taking feature that helps record English words better than the right quotes in books, and of course, they are arranged scientifically.

Above are a few primary reasons for you to own a Kindle reading machine.

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