How Much Does an LG Phone Cost? The Best and Cheapest Phones


Among gadgets, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Their quality and functionality are highly influential as of now, and our modern lives revolve around technology. The maker place is home to not only the best but also the most substandard products. To get what you need, you must know where and how to look for the product.

It’s challenging to get your hands on a gadget that doesn’t disappoint you in the end, because of the saturation of smartphones in the market. Before buying, you must look into several elements, including the speed of processing, storage, Operating System, HDR Display, Screen Size, battery life, and resolution. Buying a smartphone that delivers most of the qualities mentioned above at a reasonable price might prove to be complicated.

There are not many brands that provide performance and quality, along with a reasonable price. Big names do provide some stunning specs, but they are catastrophically overpriced, and not everybody can afford them. Therefore, it is only wise to move towards budget-friendly alternatives. Here we are going to guide you about one such alternative that might change your smartphone preference once and for all.

LG G8 ThinQ - 128GB - Platinum Gray - Verizon (Renewed)

Why Use an LG Phone Cost?

If your previous phone struck you with a heavy loss, then why don’t you invest in something different and better? Whether you seek a basic cellphone or an advanced masterpiece, you can find it all under this brand with its state-of-the-art technology. All the essential and latest features will be at your fingertips if you give it a try.

With LG, you’d be able to access the newest technology, and modern smartphone functions will be within your reach. It introduces smartphones that feature High definition (HD) display, elegant design, the latest apps, ultra-fast processing, high resolution, and cameras that capture reality in HDR.

The Android operating system gives you fast access to thousands of latest applications. In comparison to IOS, Android gives more options and is more flexible. It is known to get both better software updates, and the newest apps fast. Moreover, it is believed that Android outshines IOS in terms of how user-friendly the system is. So, for most people, this operating system is easily the top preference and a more affordable choice.

LG Electronics LG V40 LM-V405UAL - 64GB - Verizon Unlocked - Moroccan Blue (Renewed)

Now, let’s shed some light on how fast these phones can run your favorite applications. LG Phone Cost offers a range of processing speeds to fit your needs. With these smartphones, “lag” will become a thing of the past as it offers Octa-core, Hexa-core, Quad-core, and Dual-core processors.

Moreover, modified touchscreen display features react to more than just tapping and swiping. It gives you a futuristic interaction with your cell phone. The state-of-the-art cameras have a wide range of resolution that allows you to capture the real world around you as you witness it. All the cellphones are available in a sleek design that is not only portable but fashionable to carry as well.

Advantages of LG Over Other Brands

Big smartphone companies release their high-tech flagships every year, but not everybody can afford them. Therefore, people seek alternatives to get high-tech experience at an affordable range. That’s where the LG brand comes in as it not only provides performance, speed, and quality but also competes with big names in the industry in terms of provision of features.

LG may not be a big rival to Apple, but its Android operating system provides more flexibility and options. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that LG’s operating system is more user-friendly. LG phones are not always ground-breaking smartphones, compared to Apple, but still provide some interesting features.

For a considerable time, LG went behind the curtain in the smartphone industry, but now it has returned with its latest “G” and “V” series. The brand has been trying to win over the trophy of the best smartphone, and now we’re seeing that it’s heading towards the right direction.

It has a good rivalry with Samsung, even though it sells more products and is more popular, but LG still manages to introduce some impressive designs every year. To understand why we should opt for LG, a comparative analysis is imperative. Let’s have a deep look at how LG rivals Samsung’s technology. They both have two major flagships, for example, Samsung’s “S” series and “Note” series and LG’s “G” series and “V” series.

LG ThinQ Phone Cost


The display is Samsung’s strong point, but that doesn’t mean LG is far behind. LG packs POLLED displays while Samsung provides AMOLED displays. Moreover, Samsung has an additional feature of curved displays that allow the brand to introduce some impressive designs such as curved screens. Still, the active matrix OLED display is not a bad choice for watching your favorite movie in HD details.


Samsung lacks the innovative approach for cameras, and we can all agree on that. Samsung released its first-ever dual camera in Note 8, which was pretty late in comparison to other brands. On the other hand, LG has been providing us with dual camera features for as long as we can remember. In a nutshell, if we have to compare LG and Samsung in terms of camera features, then LG is surely a better choice. The latest V series releases are a great example of what we’ve concluded.


Samsung and LG both have to try to contribute to the market with great tech-innovation. As a result of this rivalry, we got some pretty impressive technology over the years. For instance, we got LG’s modularity, great camera resolution, HiFi audio DAC, fast processors, and secondary display features. From Samsung’s side, we were introduced with Curved displays, Bixby, Fast processors, and 18:9 aspect ratio display. Both have impressive techs, but Samsung surpasses in sales every year because it has an outstanding marketing plan, which gives it an edge over other brands.

The Price Range of an LG Phone

LG phones, within the range of 65$ to 100$, have all the basic features of a smartphone. Although the performance and quality may not be the same as the latest innovative tech, if you’re low on budget, then this can work for you.

Moreover, smartphones up to the price of 225$ serve more purposes than any other phone, of a different brand, within this price range. You get all the features, including an octa-core processor, HD resolution, High audio quality, immense storage, and sleek design. If you can spend more, then some smartphones rival the big names of the industry within the range of 320$ to 640$.

Top 5 LG Phones

As we’ve established that LG offers outstanding offers so, why not give it a try? Here are five the best LG phones today that won’t empty your wallet.

1) LG G7 ThinQ

Comparing the “G” and “V” series, the G7 easily triumphs over the V40 with its impressive specs and high-end performance. The overall design has a nice feel to it. It is packed with a high-resolution OLED display with an extra visibility feature that allows you to see even under sunlight. Moreover, the wide range camera with stunning imaging results, makes it one of a kind at such a low price.

[amazon fields=”B083589DF5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” ]

[amazon fields=”B083589DF5″ value=”button”]


  • OS: Android 8.0 Oreo
  • Resolution: 1440 x 3120
  • Screen size: 6.1-inch
  • Storage: 64/128GB
  • Battery: 3,000mAh
  • Front camera: 8MP
  • Rear camera: Dual 16MP


  • The bright display helps you see in sunlight
  • Screen size is huge, with 6.1 inches.
  • A wide-angle camera gives you a whole new imaging experience.
  • The speakers are loud enough to enjoy.


  • The battery doesn’t last much longer.
  • The smartphone is not very exciting.

Even with its draining battery, it is still an attractive choice with a price of $212.94 as it offers a good range of splendid specs. Therefore, we’d recommend this.

2) LG V40 ThinQ

We can say that V40 is a spec twin of G7. It is packed with a colossal display of 6.4 inches that itself compels people to purchase it right away. V40 also has a state-of-the-art five-camera system that makes it stand out in the smartphone crowd.

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[amazon fields=”B07HXS5XSH” value=”button”]


  • Resolution: 1440 x 3120
  • Screen size: 4-inch
  • OS: Android 8.1
  • Battery: 3,300mAh
  • Storage: 64/128GB
  • Front cam: 8MP + 5MP
  • Rear cam: 12MP + 12MP + 16MP


  • The huge display has a magnificent look.
  • The five-camera system is a unique feature.
  • It has immense storage capacity.
  • Lightweight but sturdy construction.


  • Just like G7, its battery drains fast.
  • It cost a lot more than G7, giving twin features.

The phone is indeed a sibling to G7, but the Five camera imaging is a feature experience that is worth having. Because of this feature, we can probably overlook the battery problem. You can get it for $480.

3) LG G8 ThinQ

This modern phone surpasses all its predecessors in terms of technology. It provides us with futuristic air gestures and Hand ID feature.

LG G8 ThinQ 128GB Smartphone GSM+CDMA Factory Unlocked All Carriers (ATT, Verizon, Sprint and Tmobile) - Black (US Warranty)

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  • Resolution: 1440 x 3120
  • Screen size: 1-inch
  • OS: Android 9
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Battery: 3,500mAh
  • Front camera: 8MP
  • Rear camera: 12MP + 16MP + 12MP


  • Futuristic vibrating top speaker with no holes.
  • OLED screen gives a mind-blowing, vibrant, and sharp display.
  • The latest air gesture features are pretty impressive.
  • A vibrating screen that behaves like a built-in speaker.


  • Hand ID is carried out through scanning veins.
  • It is pretty costly.

Overall, the phone has some high-end features, but the expensive rate of $399.99 makes it less favorable. But still, if you can afford it, then it will not disappoint you.

4) LG V50 ThinQ 5G

It has all the previous features that V40 has, but with some improvements. The battery is much stronger, and it provides a fast connection of 5G. Moreover, it has a five-camera option, which is the same tech we’ve seen before in V40.

[amazon fields=”B07KJJ4NLS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” ]

[amazon fields=”B07KJJ4NLS” value=”button”]


  • Resolution: 1440 x 3120
  • Screen size: 4-inch
  • OS: Android 9
  • Battery: 4,000mAh
  • Storage: 128GB
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Front camera: 8MP + 5MP
  • Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP + 16MP


  • Better battery time than previous phones.
  • It provides a 5G fast connection to enhance your browsing experience.
  • The five-camera imaging system is exquisite.


  • The design is pretty outdated.
  • No major upgrades can be seen.

The battery upgrade fixes the previous problem, but the price of $499.99 is unjustified as per the specs. So, we would still recommend V40 instead of V50.

5) LG G8X ThinQ

With this smartphone, you can experience dual-screen features at a relatively lower price. However, it does not rival the Samsung Galaxy Fold features but is still an amazing piece of tech.

Using a dual-screen, you can have whole new gaming experience and can open two apps together. Sounds fun, right? Well, it indeed is. You won’t be able to get such an offer at an affordable range.

LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen Unlocked CDMA GSM Cell Phone - 6.4" FHD+ OLED Display 2340 x 1080, Snapdragon 855 Octa-core, 6GB RAM 128GB US Warranty (Universal Compatible)

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  • Resolution: 1080 x 2340
  • Screen size: 4-inch
  • OS: Android 9
  • Battery: 4,000mAh
  • Storage: 128GB
  • RAM: 6GB
  • CPU: Snapdragon 855
  • Front camera: 32MP

Rear camera: 12MP + 13MP


  • It provides a dual-screen experience at a relatively affordable price.
  • The dual-screen has revolutionized the gaming experience.
  • Now, it has a better battery life than the initial models.
  • The display is pretty huge, along with the sharp and bright view.


  • The dual-screen has fewer features than other multiple-screen phones.
  • The construction of the screen is hefty and not at all portable.

It’s more expensive than other smartphones, but to get a dual-screen experience within $699.00 is pretty amazing itself. If you can afford it, then we would suggest you buy this innovative gadget.


As established earlier, LG offers a huge variety of smartphones with varying features, and some are outstanding enough to purchase. Out of all the smartphones mentioned above that we’ve discussed, we would recommend you to go for LG G7 ThinQ, G7 is the least expensive of them all and provides some good specs within a reasonable price.

Final Words

Why spend thousands of dollars on smartphones that have affordable alternatives? We should opt for more feasible choices in the market to stop wasting our precious money.

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