How to Choose the Best Laptop Backpack

Not too strange in life, backpacks have become essential and attached to many objects, from students, students to office workers.

Whether working, going to school, or going out, backpacks are always a necessity of people and bags are increasingly popular on long trips because of their convenience in life today.

In particular, a laptop is an electronic device that is easily damaged in the event of external impact or impact. Therefore, you must prepare a backpack or bag whenever you need to bring your machine. If you own a laptop or tablet and carry it with you often when you go out, buy it immediately for the best shockproof backpack.

Currently, on the market, there are many types of cheap laptop backpacks with diverse designs. However, choosing a product is not accessible if you are not a knowledgeable person. Understanding this, we would like to share what you need to keep in mind when shopping for shockproof laptop backpacks. Please read a few more basic criteria to have the basis and necessary information before buying.

Shockproof Laptop Backpack

How to Choose a Durable Laptop Backpack For You

Choose Shockproof Laptop Backpack

For the primary need to buy a computer backpack, the first and most important criterion is when you choose the impact resistance feature. Currently, on the market, many beautiful laptop backpacks can protect your Laptop from external influences. More convenient, they can also contain more items such as books, learning tools, etc. to meet all your needs.

Choose a Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Backpacks are specialized products to move and expose to the outdoor environment a lot. The erratic rainy weather can affect the contents of the pack to get wet or damaged, especially electronic devices and components such as computers, phones, cameras, etc. Therefore, choosing A compact and waterproof laptop backpack will help you prevent unexpected situations. This is also the top criteria that travelers prefer to move when buying a laptop backpack.

Choose a Shockproof Backpack With 2 Straps

Usually, the weight of a backpack with a laptop will be quite heavy, so you should choose a backpack with shoulder straps. In particular, the padded strap or softly padded cloth and sufficient width will be the perfect product for you. Do not choose shockproof backpacks with narrow straps. It will put more pressure on your shoulders.

Young people nowadays prefer backpack models with single straps. This type of backpack is quite fashionable, but when worn for a long time, your shoulder muscles will be affected.

The Best Laptop Backpack Brands

Shockproof Backpacks Must be Sized for Laptops

Models of shockproof laptop backpacks on the market today are quite diverse. So, you can freely choose the style and size that best suits your Laptop.

The laptop computer backpack is too big or too small compared to the laptop model you are using will make them loose, inconvenient, and unsafe. So carefully determine how many inches your Laptop is before buying a backpack.

Also, a quality laptop shockproof backpack ensures that the compartment is perfectly machined, the cushion is thick, and can fix the computer on the move. You can go to a laptop backpack store to ask a backpack size consultant for the best fit. Or, you can also bring your computer with you when choosing to buy a backpack so as not to buy the wrong size. On the market today, most stores have a lot of backpacks for laptops sized from 13 – 15 inches. On the other hand, if your Laptop is larger, 17 inches or larger, the backpack needs to be longer than 50cm to fit the machine.

Also, you should consider the number of compartments inside the backpack. Please specify your needs and purposes to choose a backpack model-like. Too many compartments will make the space inside the backpack be wasted; on the contrary, fewer compartments will not be enough to use.

Choose Shockproof Backpacks by Brand Name and Price

Shockproof backpacks are often used for quite a long time. So, you should invest to “buy” for yourself a backpack of the best quality. Products with imperfect seams, wrong fabrics will not guarantee the safety of your Laptop.

The best way, you choose your genuine backpack products, quality assurance from big brands such as Tucano, The North Face, Simplecarry, Herschel, Thule, etc. And in particular, consider the amount of money you have to spend on this type of gadget. Prioritize models that meet your daily needs, but the price is right for your budget.

Best Laptop Backpack Brands

08 Best Laptop Backpack Brands 2021

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1. Tucano Laptop Backpack

Tucano is a long-standing leather and apparel brand dating back to 1932 in Italy. Tucano brand expresses its style in its design, as well as the understanding and updating of fashion trends in the world continuously. Therefore, Tucano laptop backpack products are always appreciated for both quality and design.

With a relentless effort in developing fashion products, this brand has launched high-class Tucano bags and handbags with essential functions such as shock and water resistance. Tucano backpack can bring the best protection for laptops. Your iPad comes in many different sizes.

TUCANO WO3BK-MB15-BK Laptop Computer Bags & Cases

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Not only that, the design and material of the product also create comfort for users such as a soft, durable, and durable strap and handle. Also, Tucano makes many huge storage compartments combined with many different small compartments to help you spoiled for storing items without fear of them being mixed and lost.

Also, the brand improves and upgrades the material part by using compact, lightweight, shockproof, and waterproof materials, helping to protect your Laptop best. Simple yet unique design, elegance helps you confidently use the product, wherever you are or any situation.

Tucano is a shockproof laptop backpack that everyone from young to old can use. Whether you are a student, student, or office worker, you can use Tucano laptop backpack products because of the variety of designs, prices, quality, and models.

2. The North Face Shockproof Laptop Backpack

The North Face was advent in 1968 in San Francisco. The most famous period of The North Face was in the years 1990-2000, with the trend of wilderness chic prevalent (fashion trend in the style of climbers, skiers), The brand name The North Face is becoming extremely famous. However, the company also faces problems with counterfeit and pirated products in many parts of the world.

The North Face Recon Backpack, TNF Dark Grey Heather/TNF Medium Grey Heather

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In 2012, The North Face joined Jansport – a parent company and one of the world’s largest backpack manufacturers in 2007. They moved to the same headquarters in Alameda, California. Combined with The North Face, they accounted for nearly a quarter of the small backpack market to the US during this period.

The North Face is mainly for young people who are passionate about travel & backpacking. From design to material, The North Face’s backpacks take care little by little to bring the most comfort and convenience to users. Because they use high-quality fabric material super waterproof, shockproof, super light, it is very suitable for the characteristics of traveling or backpacking.

Help you peace of mind to bring a laptop with you everywhere you go without fear of being bumped or damaged. This is an excellent option if you are looking for a shockproof backpack for laptops.

Also, The North Face brand laptop backpacks are often referred to as smart backpacks because these backpacks have designs with lots of extra compartments, combining more wires with fixing the backpack during the move. The small compartment of this backpack is very convenient for you to travel more often when it can hold many items such as cameras, chargers, medical bandages, medicines, etc.

3. Laptop Crumpler Backpack

Crumpler was advent in Melbourne, Australia, and has now expanded its market to worldwide levels. The most special feature of the Crumpler laptop backpack is its sophistication in design and creativity.

Crumpler The Base Park Backpack for DSLR Camera, 2 Lenses, 15" Laptop and 9.7" Tablet, Black

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Crumpler has its team of experienced personnel in creating design models, and they only focus on making the best backpacks possible. Therefore, buying The North Face Backpack is suitable for long trips, helping to protect your Laptop best, having many convenient compartments of Crumpler means that you have a backpack with the most comprehensive quality.

Crumpler laptop backpack products are very trusted by many people, especially for young people. Besides, backpack designs are always updated with fashion trends in the new and fastest world.

4. Tactical Shockproof Backpack for Laptops

Tactical is a backpack brand from the US. This is one of the most famous brands in the world in the field of manufacturing and distributing military clothing and utensils. You can be assured without worrying that buying Tactical products always has the best quality. All products are high-quality products, using high-quality materials to bring safety and peace of mind for users.

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack Large Army 3 Day Assault Pack Molle Bag Backpacks...

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Tactical products are also often used in sports activities, climbing, hunting, etc. Backpacks are durable, high quality, shockproof, waterproof so that it can protect your Laptop very well. Although, Tactical backpack is high quality but often very picky users because it is not diverse in design, design, and style more “wild” more.

5. Jack Wolfskin Shockproof Backpack for Laptops

Jack Wolfskin is in the top of brands specializing in outdoor furniture, such as clothing, shoes, camping tents, laptop backpacks, travel backpacks, bags, etc. The company’s business philosophy is “Outside the home. like indoors. ” Items for outdoor activities must be durable, creating a sense of peace and safety, but be as comfortable and convenient as possible for the user. Jack Wolfskin invests in research and testing from product design, material, and equipment to produce the highest quality and most comfortable products, bringing the best benefits for the user.

Jack Wolfskin Jackpot Deluxe 32 Liter Daypack

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The Laptop’s shockproof backpack products are designed with youthful, dynamic, and modern designs. Jack Wolfskin’s shockproof laptop backpack also has excellent shock resistance, shock resistance, and water resistance. In particular, the use of high-tech fabric, the product is very durable, reliable, and lightweight, giving users absolute peace of mind and comfort when carrying the Laptop behind them. Therefore, the backpacks of Jack Wolfskin always conquer and easily overcome the stringent requirements of any sophisticated consumer.

6. Puma Shockproof Backpack for Laptops

Puma is a famous brand present in many countries. Puma products have been distributed in more than 80 countries. Products from this Puma, especially backpacks, always have their style and unique design and extreme personality.

PUMA Boys' Little Backpacks and Lunch Boxes, Black/Blue, Youth

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Puma has launched sportswear, sneaker, laptop backpack, with top quality and sleek design, so it is always one of the top choices of customers. Especially for young people who like sports and energetic. This brand is gradually becoming one of the leading companies specializing in producing sports products with high quality in the world.

7. Adidas Shockproof Backpack for Laptops

Adidas is a brand from Germany and is ranked among the top sports brands in the world. All Adidas brand backpacks are made of high-quality materials and high quality. All designs are taken care of to bring the best utilities and benefits to users.

adidas Unisex Prime Backpack, Black, ONE SIZE

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Adidas laptop backpack products have a youthful, dynamic, and modern design. Backpacks of brand backpacks also have excellent impact resistance and waterproof. In particular, with high-quality material makes Adidas’ backpack extraordinarily durable and lightweight, giving users absolute peace of mind and comfort when placing their Laptop inside this backpack. Therefore, the Adidas brand laptop backpacks always easily overcome the most demanding requirements and requirements of consumers.

8. Targus Shockproof Backpack for Laptops

Targus is an American brand of backpacks. Targus backpack has a combination of backpack and tow suitcase to create a unique but suitable, quality, and extremely convenient design.

Targus Legend IQ Backpack fit up to 16-Inch Laptop/Notebook, Black (TSB705US)

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Targus laptop backpacks value the safety of their contents, especially laptops, so they use the best shockproof, waterproof materials to make the best backpack, high waterproof, and reduce wear. Targus backpack has a simple design but brings elegance and sophistication to the wearer.


If you are looking to buy a laptop backpack to go to school or work, then choose for yourself a reputable brand backpack that is trusted and shockproof, waterproof. Hopefully, the share of the advice to select the best laptop backpack top 2021 above will help you choose the best and best quality shockproof laptop backpack for you.

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