What is Titanium? Why is Titanium Watches So Great?

Have you ever heard of Titanium watches?

So, what is Titanium? And what do they have correctly to produce enduring time machines?

Not to ask you too many questions, we will help you to know this material as well as new knowledge related to Titanium watches. Are you ready to explore?

1. What Does Titanium Mean?

Titanium is one of the most popular titanium alloys used in watchmaking today.

What is Titanium

Titanium can be considered the only metal in the world that is not harmful to humans. In particular, it is also used as an implant in the human body and is a material that can meet the harsh conditions of outer space. Therefore, Titanium is used as a material for aerospace.

2. Titanium’s Surprisingly Outstanding Advantage

The first is the light calculation. Titanium is only slightly heavier than aluminum but lighter than steel, copper, and nickel. Although lightweight, it is the most durable metal.

The second surprise that Titanium brings is healthier than iron. This material can be bent and pulled, but after being shaped, it is not deformed, very durable, and reliable.

Titanium Advantages

The third is heat resistant (hot and cold). Titanium melts at very high temperatures and can last long in environments with temperatures up to 600 degrees C. When in low temperatures, Titanium does not crack or brittle.

Next is less heat-conducting titanium, both hot and cold. A simple example to make it easier to understand is that when you touch something covered with Titanium in cold weather, you won’t feel cold.

Finally, it is durable and environmentally friendly. As mentioned above, Titanium does not cause harm to human health like other metals. Still, it is also useful in many industries, such as healthcare, aviation, watch-making machinery. Therefore, Titanium will not rust or corrode when exposed to solvents, acids, or other environments with high corrosion resistance.

So, you have answered the question, “What is Titanium material?”

3 – Why Does the World like to Wear Titanium watches?

Watches made of Titanium material are very popular with the brothers because they have advantages that other machines do not.

Super Lightweight

When you hold a Titanium watch, you feel it is quite light but excellent. There are machines with a bunker design, big but when you hand it is very gentle, comfortable because this material will reduce 40% of weight if the watch uses other materials.

Super Durable

Super durable

The durability of Titanium watches probably needs no further discussion because it has been mentioned in one of the above advantages.

When using a watch made from Titanium, you will not have to worry about suddenly going into places with sudden temperature changes or exposure to detergents, solvents, or highly bleaching solutions, etc.

Super Glossy

Why is Glossy? Take a look at the outer surface of a Titanium watch. There are always high-gloss, even mirror-like. This is hard to do with conventional stainless steel machines. This is also what makes many people love Titanium watches.

So, you know what Titanium is and why watches made of Titanium are so popular.

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