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5 Best Mini Drone

If you are looking for the best mini drone to fly in your leisure time, or you want to give your child as a gift, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best mini drones that you can find on the market. Mini drones have become very popular among drone enthusiasts because they are compact and usually less expensive.

​It is quite understandable if you are confused or unsure of what type of drone to purchase, because there are so many brands and specifications out there, and to make it a lot worse drone classifications keep getting broader.

What is a Mini Drone?

Mini drones are drones that are kind of in-between small-sized drones and nano drones. Some expensive models have most of the features that small-sized drones have, while most of them come with cameras and other features such as return to home and altitude hold. Mini drones are usually the first drones that most people fly before they move on to the advanced types, this is so because they are quite durable and tend to survive multiple crashes without damaging key components.

​Unlike the small too large size drones that have advanced cameras and expensive components, mini drones are quite basic in their design and their weight helps with crashes. The heavier the drone the more damage it can incur from a single crash.

What is the difference between Mini Drones and Nano Drones?

One simple way of distinguishing a mini drone from a nano drone is that mini drones have removable batteries, while nano drones usually have inbuilt batteries that can be charged with a USB cable. Also, mini drones tend to require more power to fly, hence the bigger batteries, while nano drones don’t need much power to fly since they have very small rotors.

Do Mini Drones Come with Cameras?

Generally, you are likely to find more drones with cameras that those without cameras. The drone industry has grown so much so that every drone manufacturing is offering drones of various classes and sizes with cameras, there are even nano drones with camera features.

​Big and well-known drone manufacturer, DJI, offers its mini drone –The Mavic Air with a camera and other features that you are likely to find in larger drones. The Mavic Air and the Spark are fitted with high-quality cameras, and even 4k cameras, which offer professional quality images. If you are looking for a mini drone just to learn how to fly or you are not interested in drone photography, then you should consider ones without a camera.

Are Mini Drones Expensive?

There are more inexpensive or affordable drones than expensive ones. There are only a few expensive mini drones on the market, and popular examples are Dji Mavic Air and Spark drones. Mini drones are come below $100 and even as low as $15. It is important to understand that the more features a mini drone has the more likely it is to be expensive, i.e. DJI Mavic Pro, which costs ups to $1000. If you are looking for a hobby toy or a drone that you can fly indoors or at your backyard, then a drone with limited features is more suitable.

Do Mini Drones Have a Long Flying Time?

​Once again, it depends on the features that each drone has. Generally, mini drones do not have a long flight time like the bigger drones. Mini drones can last for up to 20 minutes in the air, which is still quite good considering what it used to be a few years ago, but most come with a flight time of 7 to 10 minutes. They last for that long because of their size and the power needed to drive their rotors, you are not likely to find many mini drones that can fly up to 30 minutes.

What Skill Level Do I Need To Fly A Mini Drone?

​Chances are that if you are shopping for a mini drone, you are new to flying drones, which is perfectly okay. Mini drones are built such that they can withstand multiple crashes, which makes them the perfect drones to learn to fly. You don’t need to be a skilled pilot to fly a drone. Once you get the drone of the box, read the manual or surf the internet for tips — we suggest watching a few “how to fly a drone” videos on YouTube. Mini drones are extremely easy to fly, in fact, many come with features that make it easy to land your mini drone.

Features to Lookout For

The best mini drones may look compact or small, even sitting comfortably on your palm. Many actually do come with decent features that make flying fun and exciting both indoor and outdoor. Now let’s take a look at some of the features that you can expect to find when shopping for a mini drone.

GPS Sensors: These help you track the position of your drone while flying. This is fast becoming a regular feature that most drones now comes with because there is a lot that you can do with it. You can set the coordinates of your drone and plan your flight, and it also helps reduce the chances of losing your drone. This feature is more common in the more expensive models like the DJI Spark.

Transmitter: You can also call it the controller, the transmitter allows you to pilot the drone. They usually have two analog sticks and have a frequency of 2.4GHz. some expensive drones have transmitters with many buttons for various purposes. Some transmitters come with LCD displays. Some mini drone models can be controlled with your smartphones via an installed app.

Gyroscopes: Mini drones usually have internally built gyroscopes that keep the mini drones stable while in flight. Now that we have gone through some of the I formation you need before purchasing a mini drone, let’s jump right into it. Let’s take a look at the best mini drones and third features.

1. DROCON Ninja Foldable Drone

The Drocon Ninja is a mini drone that comes with everything that you could possibly want if you were looking for a mini drone with many extra features. As drones are becoming more smarter, faster and feature packed, it is not strange to find a mini drone with as many features as the Drocon Ninja.

From a design standpoint, the Ninja is a fantastic looking g mini drone that could pass for a high-end model. It is attractive, to say the least, and it tops that with a foldable design, which makes it compact enough to fit in your pocket.  It comes with some features that are worthy of mention. One of such features is the built-in sensor that ensures stability in flight, which is very important. It also has a 6 axis gyro that allows users to enjoy flying it.  Another key feature is the altitude hold function that keeps the drone at a fixed height for smooth and better control. You can perform 360-degree flips with the Ninja, and you can take advantage of the 3-speed control to help you develop your flying skill.

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​The camera on the Ninja is of a quality that you will expect, it is equipped with a 2MP camera that is able to capture decent photos. It also has an image stabilization function that helps to produce better still photos.


  • The Drocon Ninja comes with a variety of features that provide easy and smooth flights.
  • ​It is stylish and has great design quality. The foldable rotor is definitely a great design feature.
  • ​It is compact and easy to transport or take with you wherever you go.
  • ​The altitude hold function is a great feature of beginners.


  • It does not have GPS
  • ​The camera quality is a bit outdated.

2. Fitmaker RC Drone for Kids and Beginners

The festive season is here and once again it’s time to come up with ideas for a gift your kids and friends. If you are stuck trying to figure out the perfect gift for your kids, why not consider a mini drone? This RC drone by Fitmaker makes a great option for the perfect gift this festive season. This mini drone comes with features that are quite useful, and it is extremely easy to fly.

This mini drone is designed for kids and beginners in mind, and most of its features are tailored to ensure that they get the most out of it. The drone features an exciting design that kids might love, and it also comes with lights which will make flying it at night or in low light condition.

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The rotors of this mini drone are guarded to ensure minimal damage after several crashes. One of the key features of this drone is it’s one key take off and landing function, which makes flying a lot easier. You do not have to worry about crashing your drone Every time you want to land it.

​Their Fitmaker has two-speed flying modes, which makes it suitable for flying both indoor and outdoor. All you need to do is select a low speed when flying indoors and a higher speed for some outdoor action. Finally, it has a headless mode which allows beginners to control the drone without having to alight with the nose – it can move in the direction of the remote controller.


  • Extremely easy to control
  • ​One button take off and land function is great for beginners
  • ​Lighting feature for flying in the dark
  • ​Headless mode feature
  • ​Protective guards absorb impact and minimize damage to the rotor
  • ​It is very affordable


  • It does not have a camera.

3. Newest Syma X20 Mini Pocket Drone

The Syma X20 Mini drone is a very portable drone that fits every description of a beginner drone. Firstly, it is very affordable, which means you don’t have to worry about crashing your drone several times being extra cautious when flying.

The Syma X20 is also a nice looking mini drone, and it comes with just the basic features. If you are looking for a feature packed mini drone, then this is not for you. The X20 is designed for people who just want to fly a drone indoors or at the park. It combines the functions of the altitude hold mode and headless mode to provide a stable flight, and you don’t have to worry about adjusting the position of the drone every time you fly.

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​The X20 has an adjustable speed that allows you to choose a speed that you are comfortable flying at. It is a great way to learn to fly because you can simply start from the lowest speed your work your way to a higher speed as your skills improve. Other features include 6-axis gyro, one key takeoff, and landing and LED lights, which are great when flying in the dark.


  • Compact size, easy to carry about with you
  • ​Adjustable speed modes
  • ​It is durable and can withstand a few crashes
  • ​It is very stable due to the in-built 6-axis gyro


  • Short flight time.

4. Holy Stone HS​210

One key feature that stands Holy Stones’ HS210 out from the pack is it’s flight time. At 21 minutes, the HS210 provides kids and beginners enough time to practice their flying and have fun. The longer flight time is not on just one fully charged battery, the HS210 comes with 3 batteries which when charged fully, can give you up to 21 minutes of flight time.

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​​Just like most mini drones, the HS210 comes with an auto-hovering function which enables the drone to hover at a particular height of your choice, this feature is pretty much the same as the altitude hold function. The compactness and design of this drone reassure users when flying. It does look and feel like it will remain in one piece impact after impact.  When the HS210 is running low on power, there is a light Indicator that blinks continuously, followed by an audible beep from the transmitter, after about a minute, the drone will land automatically to save it from falling out of the sky.


  • The low battery indicator is a thoughtful feature
  • ​Automatically landing on low battery
  • ​Compact design with striking colors
  • ​It comes with many extra parts
  • ​3 batteries included (makeup 21 minutes of flight time)


  • The altitude hold function isn’t very effective.

5. Altair 818 Hornet

The Altair 818 is a really nice looking mini drone. The fact that it has a mock cockpit gives it a sort of futuristic appearance. The design might encourage many people to want to purchase it and give it out as a Christmas gift or for personal use.

It comes with a transmitter that has a similar set of features that you will find on other models. However, there are still noticeable differences in functions as well as other features.  One good thing about the transmitter is that is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable to hold.

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The Altair 818 has two buttons on the should of the transmitter- the right button is used for auto-flip, while the left button is used to change the speed modes between high and low.  The Altair 818 manages to pack some useful features even with its small frames such as the headless mode and one key return. It is capable of giving you up to 15 minutes of flight and a charge time of 60 minutes.


  • The mock cockpit gives it an exciting futuristic appearance
  • ​The transmitter has a nice and comfortable grip
  • ​Single button 3D flip function
  • ​Makes a great gift idea
  • ​Offers a smooth and stable flying


  • It does not fly well under slightly windy conditions.


Choosing a winner in this category of drones that have been reviewed wasn’t quite an easy task because they all appeal to different people. But for the sake of choosing the best, our winner is the Drocon Ninja. The Drocon Ninja checks all the boxes of what you might want in a mini drone, and more importantly, it had the most features including a 2MP camera. One feature that really stands out is its foldable design, which makes compact and easy to carry with you.

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