Review Jaybird Vista Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headset

The Jaybird brand has never disappointed athletes when using its running Bluetooth headset models. And with so many great sports headsets available today, let us compare and evaluate the Jaybird Vista headset with its compact and stylish design.

Jaybird Vista Bluetooth

Who is Jaybird Vista Wireless Sports Headset For?

Those who love sports and athletes should consider Jaybird Vista as a companion in your gym. These waterproof Bluetooth headsets maintain a secure fit regardless of conditions. Also, it supports fast charging to help your workouts become more excited without interruption due to running out of battery.

Jaybird Vista Sport Bluetooth Planetary Green

If you are thinking about buying Jaybird Run, you should check out this Jaybird Vista. You may have to change your mind.

How Do You Like Using Jaybird Vista?

Jaybird Vista earphones have around block structure. Help it fix better on the ear and keep the headset from falling during exercise. We like the angled ear hooks as they alleviate ear-to-ear discomfort.

Jaybird Vista Wifi Sport Bluetooth Yellow

Each earpiece has a flat button panel decorated with the Jaybird logo. Flight controls are limited compared to the cheaper JLab Epic Air Sport. System settings provide call control and replay it. To change functionality for buttons by downloading the Jaybird MySound application and reassigning single and double-tap functions.

Please note that pressing the buttons too hard when wearing will cause the headset to get stuck in the ear. This has happened to Jaybird Vista, which is annoying if you misuse the headset.

Maybe the actions on Jaybird Vista will make you uncomfortable but do not underestimate it.

Jaybird Vista Bluetooth

There are positive aspects of Jaybird Vista Bluetooth sports headphones. It’s a beautifully designed Vista, and it’s one of the few sports wireless headsets available. We also like the way Jaybird Vista automatically connects instantly, a must-have feature for wireless Bluetooth headsets.

Even the Jaybird MySound app is helpful. It allows users to update the program, locate headphones, save custom EQ presets, and try other users’ audio profiles. This is one of the smoothest Bluetooth headset apps available.

Are Jaybird Vista Headphones Good For Practice?

It’s correct. Once again, Jaybird defends its title as the most professional sports headphone brand. When wearing Jaybird Vista tightly hugged while maintaining safety for the external ear. Whether you’re climbing a mountain or riding a bike, the headset never wiggles or feels like it’s about to fall off.

Jaybird Vista Headphones Good For Practice

However, this Bluetooth sports headset is not very swimmer-friendly. Because it only possesses IPX7 water resistance and can withstand you accidentally immersing headphones in the water tank.

How Long Does the Battery Last for Headphones?

We used Jaybird Vista headphones with the same condition like all other wireless headsets in the same way. Constant 75dB power and measuring Jaybird Vista works for 5.62 hours on a single charge. This is not precisely the case with the six-hour battery life offered by Jaybird, but that was more than enough for a few workouts.

How Long Does the Battery Last for Headphones

Users may not need to worry too much about the battery life of Jaybird Vista when it is supported for fast charging. A 5-minute charge in a compact USB-C charging box allows it to work for an extra hour. A full charge takes about 2 hours and gives you an additional 10 hours of battery life in the box.

How Do You Connect Jaybird Vista to Your Phone?

To start pairing, open the Vista charger box. LED lights will turn on and off. If the light is not flashing, hold the inside button for two seconds. You can now open the Bluetooth menu on your phone and select Jaybird Vista. The next time you open the case and remove the headphones, they will automatically connect to your device.

How Do You Connect Jaybird Vista to Your IPhone

The headset uses Bluetooth 5.0 software and lacks support for high-quality Bluetooth codecs. While this is disappointing, the JBS1 chipset ensures a fast and robust connection between your headset and phone. It creates two separate connections with the phone.

This means you can use an ear canal independently of each other. This is a safe option for outdoor athletes. You must have 10 meters of wireless connection before any problems appear.

How Does Jaybird Vista Quality Sound?

Jaybird Vista emphasizes bass quite a bit, but not as much as midrange frequencies. The soundproofing of headphones is good because these do not noise-canceling headphones. This is great if you exercise in the gym or indoor environment.

How Does Jaybird Vista Quality Sound

How Does Jaybird Vista Quality Sound

However, if you run or cycle outside, wear one on your ear so you can hear your surroundings. Jaybird provides three pairs of ear tips so you can choose the way that best suits your ears.

Is the Headset Mic Good for Phone Calls?

No, I do not recommend using headphones for phone calls and especially not for business calls. We had a trial, and the voice sounded a little unnatural. This is the result of a reduced low-level microphone response.

Is the Headset Mic Good for The Phone Calls

Even if the mic has a perfect neutral frequency response, it still receives almost all background noise. No matter where you are, the person on the other end of the call will undoubtedly be distracted by your environment.

Can Jaybird Vista Compete With Other Wireless Sports Headsets?

Jaybird Vista is one of the best true wireless sports headsets, especially if you value design and functionality. The matte black version looks great inside or outside the gym.

Can Jaybird Vista Compete With Other Wireless Sports Headsets

If the price of Jaybird Vista is a barrier for you, then there is another excellent option that is Jabra Elite 65t. It’s also a great sports Bluetooth headset: you get IP55 dust and a waterproof headset with stable battery life, along with good connection quality.

Like the Vista headset, the Elite 65t doesn’t support high-quality Bluetooth codecs, so you’ll have to experience some audio latency if you’re streaming video from an ellipse. Jabra recently announced the new Jabra Elite Active 75t workout headphones, achieving an IP57 rating, making them more durable than Vista. Also, the Elite Active 75t is larger than Jaybird at 7.5 hours battery life, compared to the battery life listed in Vista’s 6 hours. If you’re an iPhone user looking for versatile Bluetooth headsets, the Apple AirPods Pro will be a pretty good choice.

Should You Buy Jaybird Vista?

If you’ve used it through Jaybird Run and are not happy with its Bluetooth performance, then the Vista headset is a good upgrade. They have a similar design but are more modern and have IPX7 standards. If you’re looking for a real pair of wireless sports headsets with great features, sound isolation, and durable yet lightweight structure, then Jaybird Vista deserves a place in your bag.


  • IPX7 waterproof.
  • Reliable fast connection
  • Safe fit design
  • Compact USB-C charger Automatically connects
  • High battery life


  • There is no high-quality Bluetooth codec
  • Pain after less than an hour

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