5 Things to Consider Before Buying Apple’s New AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro is a highly anticipated product of Apple, with the addition of active noise protection that is not available on regular AirPods. However, this is not a replacement for the existing AirPods line.

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AirPods Pro is not cheap at 235 USD. However, for those who are often on the road or who are using many products in the Apple ecosystem. This is a suitable headset. And this is what you need to consider before buying the new AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro is Both Familiar And Different

AirPods are comfortable and comfortable to wear. However, it is not suitable for moving as much as exercise or running so it can fall out.

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And the fit of AirPods Pro is entirely different. AirPods Pro has a special earpiece section on the ear canal to cover and ensure active noise protection (ANC). Apple offers three separate sized silicone tips, and the Ear Tip Fit Test feature will use different microphones in each ear canal to help you determine the right size of tips.

New Load Cell Prevents Accidental Touching

You can tap on regular AirPods to do things like play / pause the media, activate Siri or even navigate the playlist. The problem is, the way AirPods are in the ears also means that we can mistakenly touch and perform features we don’t want.

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You might think that AirPods Pro will fix this problem; however, in fact, it leads to another question: tapping on something that is tightly in your ear can feel uncomfortable. Roof Apple’s solution is to move to a new way of controlling headphones: integrate the load cell into each ear.

No longer having to click, now you need to squeeze it. For example, a short squeeze will perform a play/pause song or answer/end a call; 2 times will move to the next song or three times will go back to the previous song. The number of operations is the same as for AirPods. However, there is a new point that users can squeeze long on AirPods Pro to switch between noise and Transparency mode.

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You can customise pressing and holding in the Bluetooth settings and individually set to the left and right. For example, we can arrange one side to turn on noise-cancelling, while the other hand is to call Siri. Of course, you can still summon Apple’s assistant with the command “Hey, Siri”.

iOS Makes Controlling AirPods Pro Extremely Simple

Tight integration between official accessories and iPhones has always been a strong point of iOS, and AirPods Pro is no exception. Similar to regular AirPods, AirPods Pro has a straightforward way to connect to the phone. Just open the charging box for the first time, keep it close to the iPhone and a dialogue box will appear on the screen asking if you want to connect to it or not.

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Once you complete this process, any Apple device – from iPhone, iPad, Mac to Apple TV – if you log in with the same Apple ID will share this connection information, helping you to use AirPods. Pro is more simple. Even with the new iOS 13.2, it allows you to control this noise-cancelling headset more.

Swipe down to open the Control Center, and when AirPods Pro is connected, you’ll see a headset icon located on the volume slider. Hold on to that, it not only allows you to adjust the loudness of the sound as well as the call but also helps you switch between noise mode, Transparency or turn off all.

Hidden Vents Make Earphones Feel More Comfortable.

In-ear headphones are convenient, but it makes our ears clogged and uncomfortable. This is even twice as uncomfortable when you’re on an aeroplane, but ironically, this is one of the situations you want to get rid of the most ambient noise.

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Apple has fixed this on the AirPods Pro with a new vent. This hole is designed to reduce the pressure in your ear canal and balance it with external pressure. However, this is a challenge for its noise resistance.

The inward-looking microphones listen to how the sound is coming in your ear canal and the Apple H1 chip adjusts noise reduction algorithms up to 200 times per second. This ensures that any external noise entering through the vents is still handled correctly.

AirPods Pro and Beats Solo Pro Use Different Technologies.

Currently, noise-cancelling products are very noticeable, including two headphones using Apple H1 chip. The first is the Beats Solo Pro, which is the company’s first over-ear headset to offer active noise cancellation (ANC). Now Apple has put it on AirPods Pro again.

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The similarities are not just chipsets. Both products have Transparency mode so you can still hear what’s going on outside. The duo both use the inward-facing microphone system and use it to adjust the ANC algorithm continuously.

However, according to Apple, these two products are independently developed. While some use the same basic communication chipset, the AirPods and the Beats team came up with their algorithms and adjustments. That also means that the listening experience on Beats Solo Pro and AirPods Pro is not entirely the same.

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