5 Tips to Keep Smartwatches Always Beautiful and Durable

Have a luxurious style and modern technology features. Therefore, that smartwatch is very much liked. However, this device is complicated to preserve. But if you know the five tips below, the watch will always be durable.

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1. Do Not Leave your Smartwatch in Areas With Strong Magnetic Fields

The smartwatch battery will suddenly decline rapidly when you put smartwatch near TV, refrigerator, music player, microwave oven, etc. The strong magnetic field from these devices will affect battery capacity. More serious is the “battery bottle,” leading to a power failure.

Keep Smartwatches Always Good

Also, the smartwatch has interference when placed near the upper magnetic field. And of course, the ability to listen to the call and display notifications will stop working. Therefore, you should note not to smartwatch at temperatures below 0ºC or above 60ºC. Also, avoid chemical places as this will damage the surface, casing, and strap of the watch.

2. Limit the SmartWatch to Direct Contact with Water

While there are some Smartwatches with built-in waterproof functions such as Garmin Swim 2, for absolute safety, you should limit your direct contact with water. In particular, are the smartwatches with a sim card slot.

Limit the SmartWatch to Direct Contact with Water

Also do not overdo the waterproof feature on the smartwatch. Because this resistance is only to a certain extent. So it’s best to go swimming or working in contact with water.

3. Avoid Letting the SmartWatch Bump Hard With Hard Objects

Capacitive sensor screens are the most important components of smartwatches. So you have to be very careful, avoid direct contact with hard objects.

When doing heavy work, easy to collide the best way you should remove and store. Avoid smashing leading to paralyzed smartwatch, even broken touch screen.

Avoid Letting the SmartWatch Bump Hard With Hard Objects

4. Regularly Check and Maintain the Watch

For a smartwatch to work effectively, it’s best to check every three months. When the watch is broken, the fault is better to go to the place of purchase to have technical support and inspection and repair. Avoid self-repair, parts replacement at home, or outside the store.

Regularly Check and Maintain the Watches

Also, you need to pay close attention if you see the low battery power. Although the watch is fully charged, you must quickly replace the battery immediately, avoid battery leakage, and affect other components. In particular, you must return the correct type of battery as required to operate the device most effectively.

5. Strap Cleaning and Maintenance

To keep the Smartwatch durable and shiny. The best way you clean your watch and strap periodically.

Strap Cleaning and Maintenances

You can clean it by mixing it with warm water and using a soft, clean cloth. As for the strap, depending on the type of wire that hygiene is different.

  • Metal wire: Use a little toothpaste or hand sanitizer to clean. Afterward, use a gentle toothbrush, and rinse thoroughly with clean water, wipe dry with a soft cloth.
  • Leather strap: Use a dry towel to wipe regularly. Avoid putting the watch in places with high humidity, because the skin absorbs very quickly.
  • Rubber bands and cloth ropes: Use dry wipes regularly, check and handle immediately if signs of broken or torn wires.

Through the above article, hope has helped you in using and preserving the smartwatch.

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Jomy George
Jomy George