How To Wear Your Watch Properly

Today, the watch is not only meant to read the time, but it is also jewelry, fashion accessory that shows personality and unique style indispensable for people in the modern world. But to wear a watch properly, not everyone knows. Let us follow the article How to wear a watch properly for better information.

Do Not Wear Watches Larger Than the Wrist.

Choosing a watch of the right size with your wrist is of utmost importance in whether or not the watch is right for you. Even if you like a watch whose size is too big for your wrist, it’s best to look for another option, because wearing a watch that is too big on your wrist is like wearing a watch. I put the wall on my hand.

Do Not Wear Watches Larger Than the Wrist

Do not wear a watch with a diameter too large. The face of a watch is measured in millimeters. The average men’s watch diameter is 34mm-50mm, and no matter how big your hand is, it is recommended not to wear a watch larger than 50mm. Watches with a width of 34mm-40mm are ideal standards for both men and women.

If your hands are thin, don’t wear thick watches because they will look cumbersome and like dumbbells dangling from your hands, choose thin ones or moderate thickness.

Select the Wrist You Want to Wear the Watch

According to statistics, up to 90% of people use watches on the left wrist. The rest wear the right wrist. So which one is right? Does the right hand or left hand have any effect?

How To Wear Your Watch Properly

Mechanical watches, continuous winding to maintain energy are daily tasks of the wearer. Manufacturers have since defaulted to launch a series of watches with a crown design located on the right side, to help left-hand watchers quickly turn the crown and winding themselves.

So, choose the hand that you feel most comfortable with, usually will be your non-dominant hand, because if you wear your wrist, the watch can be uncomfortable for you when writing or working, and it is straightforward to scratch your watch.

Choose a Position to Wear the Watch

My advice to you is that you choose the position that best suits your watch. Make sure the watch face is always under your wrist bone.

Choose a Position to Wear the Watch

Because the wrist bone is the ideal position to help the watch appear beautifully. The watch wearing at the correct position also shows the perfection, alignment, and sophistication of the owner.

Adjustable Strap Size

A watch that makes you feel most comfortable when it fits on your wrist. The strap should also be adjustable as needed to accommodate wrist changes.

Adjustable Strap Size

A man should never wear a loose watch on his wrist. It should only move about 1 inch on the wrist when you move. The face of the watch should not slip into the wrist. As a general rule for all, a watch fits best when you meet one finger between your wrist and the watch strap.

A watch is not too tight. If the watch leaves a mark on your wrist, it means it’s too fast and needs to be relaxed.

How To Wear Your Watch Properly

With a women’s watch, it can fit snugly or loosely around the wrist like a bracelet.

I hope the information given in the article guide to wearing watches properly. Can answer the questions of readers and make the watch on the wrist become jewelry that reflects its owner.

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