Instructions on How to Clean SmartWatch Properly

Do you own a genuine SmartWatch? You “cherish” every day, but dirt, sweat, etc. Dirting your smartwatch, losing its inherent beauty, and sometimes affecting accuracy. Understanding your worries, in the following article, we will guide you on how to clean the smartwatch for your popular smartwatch extremely simple!

1. The General Process of Cleaning the Watch

The General Process of Cleaning the Watch

To clean and clean the genuine SmartWatch, everyone must follow these procedures:

– Remove the strap from the watch face. If your watch strap is non-removable, always pay attention when cleaning it.

– Gently clean the strap and watch face.

– Allow drying naturally before putting it back on your hands.

Next, let’s go into details on how to clean each part of the watch.

2. Clean the Face of the Watch

Clean the Face of the Watch

The face of the watch is the most crucial part, cleaning it is quite straightforward but don’t overlook it. Because if you are not careful or improper hygiene will affect the beauty of the watch, even its movement.

For the watch face, you should be able to use a soft cloth to wipe the surface around, and use a cotton swab to clean the stains on the corners, slots. With waterproof watches, you can wipe with a wet towel or wash with warm water mixed with diluted soap or mild detergent solution, then use a clean cloth to dry.

A small but especially important note when cleaning the watch face you should be concerned about: close the knobs, the knob to adjust the hour to avoid being soaked in water too long affecting the operation of the SmartWatch dear.

3. How to Clean the Watch Strap

The strap is always the dirtiest spot because they come in direct contact with your skin. Sweat, dirt will soak into the skin material to make them dark, even smelly. Therefore, this is also the part you need to pay attention to cleanliness for your watch.

How to Clean the Watch Strap

Each type of watch strap will have its separate cleaning method:

Silicone watchband, rubber:
This type is quite easy to clean. To clean the surface of the wire, you can use a soft, clean cloth to dampen it in a weak soap or mild detergent solution. For extremely stubborn stains, a soft bristle brush is a perfect choice, use it to rub the leather strap to remove dirt gently. Finally, use a soft towel to dry the strap, so your watch’s appearance will be “new”.

Leather watch straps:
Leather straps are made from organic materials, so they are quite sensitive to the impact of the environment, especially sweaty hands, dirt. So cleaning the watch strap is essential. Soak a small amount of soap or olive oil on the surface of the leather strap, use a soft cloth or soft brush to clean the machine lines, lines to clean. Then wipe immediately with a soft damp cloth, and finally do not forget to dry it.

Metal watch strap:
To clean the watch strap, rinse the watch under a running stream (or shower) as dust particles will follow the water stream, then wipe dry with a soft cloth. For stubborn stains, use a soft brush to clean (combine with a little soap or a mild detergent solution).

4. Some Notes When Cleaning the Watch

In addition to the instructions on cleaning the genuine SmartWatch above, we also want to give you a few small notes, which are:

  • Because the cleaning process is always associated with water or some other type of solution, always be careful to avoid getting water into the movement that damages the watch.
  • When using a cleaning solution, try it on a small part of the cord before cleaning it all, this way to avoid the strong detergent from affecting the colour of the watch strap.
  • When you wear the watch in hot weather or sweaty hands, pay attention to loosen the band and regularly wipe the watch with a soft cloth to prevent stains from accumulating for a long time.
  • If you feel uncomfortable cleaning your SmartWatch at home, you can take her to a reputable watch store for the most professional care.

With the instructions on how to clean genuine Smartwatch presented above, we hope to help you can grasp the simple ways to “take care” of your watch best.

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