Explain the Training Status Indicators On Your Garmin Watch

Training Status is a practical analysis of physical exercises. Through this, you can control the level of training and overcome weaknesses in the activities process to help improve your fitness.

It can be said that the concept is entirely new to first-time Garmin watch users. So, in the article below, we will explain in detail the Training Status Indicators on the Garmin watch. Let’s consult now!

1. What Does Training Status Tell You?

Training Status gives you an overview of long-term training performance. Thereby, you will see if your training efforts are at any level, active or not.

Training Status VO2 Max

Also, the Training Status states:

  • Is your current training load enough for you to improve your fitness?
  • How much intensity do you have to practice to improve your performance?
  • Compare practice results over time intervals.

2. So How Does Training Status Work?

Created by Firstbeat, Training Status helps calculate and optimize all your physical workouts through Training Loads and VO2 Max.

Garmin Forerunner Training Status

Put simply, imagine that you practice every day. After a certain period, your physical level will tend to change, which can increase or decrease. The watch will detect this situation and classify it as “Effective.”

On the other hand, if you increase the level of exercise to a higher level affecting the physical, the clock will report it as “Ineffective” and suggest a plan that you must take a reasonable rest before starting the next exercise period.

3. Explain the Indicators On the Garmin Watch

Training Status indicators on Garmin watches are divided into eight basic types as follows:

  • The highest level (Peaking)

You are at the best point for a training session. Reducing the load during this period has helped the body recover and peak for the best performance. The Peaking phase is quite short, so you need to consider carefully planning to make this Peaking time fall when you want.

Training Status Garmin 945
  • Productive

The best state for training is productive status. The exercises have a very positive effect on your body. Therefore, you should maintain the intensity and volume of exercise as above, and do not forget to practice additional physical rehabilitation exercises to stay healthy.

  • Maintaining

Your exercise level is enough to maintain your health when it says this on your watch. If you want a better effect, you can add other exercises or increase the amount of exercise.

  • Recovery

Light exercises allow your body to recover, which is essential after long heavy training. You can return to the hard workout anytime when you feel you have recovered.

  • Unproductive

This indicates that your physical condition is not good, even though you consistently exercise. If you are at this level, keep an eye on important health factors like food, rest, etc.

  • Detraining

You have exercised less than usual, which has adversely affected your body. To improve your health, try increasing your exercise.

  • Overreaching

Your training volume is too high and may backfire. Give your body a break to recover, or add light exercises to your workout plan.

  • No status

This state occurs when you are new to the watch due to insufficient stats. Garmin needs 1-2 weeks to track your workout history.

4. Some Garmin Watches Have the Training Status Feature Available

Hopefully, this article can help you understand and apply the Garmin index more easily.

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