Reviews headphones Xanova Ocala – Beautiful And Distinction?

In this article, TheDroneRacing will introduce you to another headset model from Xanova brand, a brand that is still very strange on gaming gear market. Previously, TheDroneRacing had a review of the Xanova Juturna-U headset model, if this Juturna-U model could be likened to an experienced, naked man, the headset that I want to mention in the article. This writing brings the personality and youthfulness of a young man in his twenties.

And here the headset model Xanova Ocala, despite its lower price, but the quality and technology investment is not inferior. I am promising to bring good experiences, whether it’s just casual entertainment or playing games. Let’s go into this product details.

Galax Xanova Ocala

Open the box and the original feelings on hand.

The first impression that this headset brings to you is through the image of the large printed product right on the box. Xanova Ocala brings a crisp, well-designed gaming design with angular details, combined with curving lines, the overall look of the headset using two silver-gray and black tones, for added strength. Sturdy and quality for products. You can be confident to wear Xanova Ocala out as a beautiful fashion accessory.

The highlight of Ocala’s design is that its bunker is made up of simple, delicate lines, with almost no extra detail that avoids the unobtrusive feeling like on some headphones. Play games with other segments.

Xanova Ocala 2

The next impression is that only by looking at the image on the box, Ocala feels that the headband is metal, but not leather, so I think the headphones will be pretty. Heavy and wearing may be uncomfortable after a while. But it was entirely unexpected to open the box and hold it in my hand, and it turned out that this strap is plastic, so the headset is quite light, according to the manufacturer, the weight of Xanova Ocala is 246g (I weigh the headphones without the wires only about 205g).

Xanova Ocala 3

Next, when I tried to twist and bend the straps, I found the stable build quality, excellent flexibility, wide open angle of the Ocala strap, which helped to reduce the pressure of the details like earcup and earpad on the ear.

Xanova Ocala 4

This may be a big plus in Ocala’s design, especially for those who have myopia wear glasses, I suffer myopia from and quite uncomfortable with headphones with enormous pressure. So for me, Xanova Ocala headphones are comfortable, but Ocala’s earpad is not as leather as Juturna-U, but a layer of soft foam (Foam) with a layer of wool (or velvet, I’m not sure exactly) outside, wearing on my ears, I feel a little strange, rough, not really uncomfortable, but something is not familiar yet.

Xanova Ocala 5

Next can be considered the most extraordinary feature of Xanova Ocala’s exterior design, that is, you can disassemble the headband and the earcup part apart. According to some images I can see on Xanova’s website, besides the default color is silver gray + black, there will be two more earcup colors for you to change is blue, and red.

Xanova Ocala 6

And you don’t even need to care about plugging the headband and earcup into each other in the right direction, because every face is plugged in, and after about a week of use, I find this doesn’t affect the durability headphone. However, I also do not encourage you to follow very carefully, because plugging in the right direction is the right way to adjust the steps quickly and gently. And secondly, the manufacturer also printed the small words “Right and Left” on the underside of the earcup to help you distinguish and wear more accurately.

Xanova Ocala 7

About the ability to disassemble, I think that some of you will not like it, with the thought that earcup will be dropped. During the test, I found that the friction between the details was excellent, not good, it was ok to wear on the headphones, but when holding on the test hand vibrated, the earcup would drop. I hope this is only a sample product error.

Xanova Ocala 8

Xanova Ocala is an Over-ear headset, closed (closed) and open-back, meaning earcup is a plastic block, but there is another small slot. There are openings, so that sound and air can pass through.

The apparent weakness is that the headphones’ sound insulation is not high, the sound outside can get inside the headset, and vice versa. In return, the sound of headphones in open form often creates a spacious and airy feeling (large soundstage). I find almost all mainstream headphones from well-known manufacturers are open-type headsets.

Xanova Ocala 9

No products found.

Accessories included

  • One cable with mic for gaming: 1.3m long
  • One cable for connecting mobile devices: phones, tablets, 1.3m long.
  • One cable connected to the computer, some external speakers: 1.5m long.
  • One cloth bag with all kinds of strings attached.
  • One guide book in many languages

Xanova Ocala 10

Xanova Ocala 11

Product experience – personal reviews

Listen to music, watch movies, watch Youtube clips.

Tested on Asus TUF FX504GM laptop, Samsung Galaxy Note eight phone, Samsung J7 Prime, and iPad Air 2 tablet, the volume level is about 60-70%, music genre: pop ballad, rock (nu metal, ballad, metal, death metal), acoustic, EDM. The type of action movies, shooting.

Xanova Ocala 12

Xanova Ocala according to my personal feelings, the sound is quite luxurious, elegant, maybe partly thanks to the light weight of the headphones, and the pressure on the ears is not much, so enjoy the music comfortably.

Xanova Ocala 13


More specifically listening to a Pop song, I found Bass quite well, not too but okay with listening to music over the phone. The bass is deep, powerful, but the body is not very thick, there is a little extension, in general, Ocala has quite enough upper-bass and sub-bass, but because there is not so much, it does not stand out. [Different Word – Alan Walker, K-391, Sofia Carson, CORSAK], so for those of you who like bass, this is a pretty good option, considering it. Also, the bass speed is controlled quite well, enough to play a variety of genres, however, with fast and robust music like Rock [Numb – Linkin Park], I feel that the bass is slightly sharp, and The vibration of the bass melts quickly.


The midrange was pressed moderately, a little bit thorny, and hard to listen to when the songs were pushed up [Psychosocial – Slipknot] [Believer – Imagine Dragons], try changing some slightly lighter songs. Then this phenomenon decreases. The mid quality of Xanova Ocala can be a bit dry, not too impressive if you’ve tried many earphones with the thick, sweet sound of the Sennheiser series, or Beyerdynamic. The comparison is quite limp, but the ability to peel off the layers of Ocala’s musical instrument is only temporary, the bands still overlap quite a bit, a bit confusing, especially the songs with soprano, lack of sharpness. , the flight needed to feel incomplete [Always Remember Us This Way – Lady Gaga], some of the versions I felt the earphones pushed up the voice so high that it was a bit fake.

Praise of Ocala is that I found the stringed instruments such as Guitar, Violin quite outstanding, the bouncing of the finger impressively, the notes felt not too slow, not sluggish, lifeless, though there is a narrative, slow-sounding song, so when I hear I feel like being helped to sit next to the singer!


Treble can be considered as a favorable bright spot of Xanova Ocala, and this band is full, quite audible, I feel the energy is quite large, abundant, the level of moderate decay is acceptable. In my personal opinion, Ocala shows quite well in high-frequency bands, the intensity is quite large, so the noise in the movie like the sound of flowing streams, clattering of objects crashing into each other, the music of the sword clinking also stimulates the eardrum, quite unexpectedly! And even though it sounds a little louder when the volume is increased, the sound of the background music, the voice of the characters talking, is not too loud or noisy.


Tested games include CS: GO, Far Cry 5, Overwatch, DOTA 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, PUBG all provide a pleasant experience. Gunshots, footsteps, and even breaths are pretty good, clear and well-directed, the sound of bombs creating resonance, ringing in the ears, the chest feels like it’s directly the air in the game.

Xanova Ocala 14

Although I don’t like the PUBG game, thanks to the experience of playing CS: GO player, combined with Ocala’s excellent support, it helps to determine the direction of the gun, the sound of footsteps or crawling on the grass, so I also lucky to be Winner Winner Chicken Dinner several times. With DOTA game 2, the sound of ping, the voice of the character, and the sound when the skill user is also transmitted to the ear is quite detailed.

For microphones, there is a need for flexible, but non-elongated mic to be shortened, massive frequency response (20Hz-20kHz) and high sensitivity, with filter for optimal voice chat in the game, secure communication with the copper team, bright and clear, but I feel a bit thin.

Xanova Ocala 15

Similar to some other gaming headsets, we have wires connected to the PC, but the controller in the process of testing, I found it only works on/off the microphone, not increasing or decreasing the volume, also like transferring/returning to the previous track when listening to music.

Xanova Ocala 16

Besides the PC extension cord, the product comes with a phone cord whenever you want to take Xanova Ocala to the street. The wire length is relative, you can use the product flexible, comfortably, but the disadvantage is that the wire is not covered by cloth, or even wrapped, quite fragile and easy to tangle.

Xanova Ocala 17


Xanova Ocala is generally not a bad choice, for gamers who want a higher-end gaming headset than usual but the economy is not yet abundant. The appearance design is somewhat simple but still has the subtle features, the features are not too remarkable, but the experience is good, it is difficult to demand more in one product in the price range of under 50$.

It can be seen that Xanova is currently trying to challenge, and demonstrates that they are producing new, but there are gaming gear products that can compete quite well with the stunning rivals in the market. But each person has every feeling. Thank you for following this review.

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