Difference Between Nike Running and Nike Training shoes

Many people believe that Nike brand shoes are the same sports shoes, such as Nike running shoes, Nike training shoes, Nike sneakers. Although there are many similarities between them, some of them still have differences.

Difference Between Nike Running and Nike Training shoes

New runners often confuse Nike running shoes and Nike training shoes because the two types of shoes are quite similar in appearance. Therefore, through this article, we will help people distinguish between Nike Training shoes and Nike Running shoes to choose the right shoes for their training purposes.

Different in Use

Before choosing to use these two types of shoes, you need to know their main uses. Nike Running shoes are specially designed for outdoor running or jogging on treadmills, and body movement is always on a straight, forward axis.

Nike training shoes are designed for more complex movements such as the cross, horizontal, swing … including many different exercises such as Fitness, Zumba, Calisthenics, Cross-Train, … and jogging. Therefore, multi-purpose training shoes meet more subjects than running shoes. You can use it in training shoes for running, but running shoes are not sure to do the opposite.

Talking about running in particular and sports, in general, is extremely diverse. Depending on the geographical conditions you run or depending on the sport you are playing, you can practice in many places such as running, asphalt, parks, playing cement or dirt courts … many subjects like running track, doing martial arts, indoor gym, aerobic exercise … For each condition, you will choose each type of shoe that is most suitable for you.

Training shoes for training, therefore, must meet the needs of all in one. Can be played subject. Running shoes are only dedicated to running and walking. It is easier to understand that can be used versatile training shoes for running, but running shoes cannot do the opposite.

Depending on the purpose of use, you should choose to buy running shoes (running is main) or multi-purpose shoes (running, gym, …) or buy both (if possible). If your budget is limited while you’re still pondering between the two, a multi-purpose workout shoe is always the best choice, thanks to its versatility.

Different in Design

Different uses, running shoes, and training shoes will have different designs from shoe body to shoe sole to optimize for different activities.

  • Multi-purpose training shoe soles are equipped with rubber cushions to increase grip for horizontal movements, diagonal movements … Therefore, multi-purpose training shoes will be heavier than running shoes.
Nike Training Shoe

The training shoe has a firmer body design, keeping the foot stable when moving in many different directions. Shoes with a rubber sole have an optimal friction surface, limiting uncommon situations if there is bad weather or slippery roads. The product will give you a steadier and more secure walk.

Different on Part Names

A simpler way to help you distinguish these two types of shoes is based on each shoe’s name.

Versatile training shoes: always come with the tag Training, Trainer or TR (short for Trainer), Cross (Cross-training) in the shoe name. For example, Nike Free Trainer 3.0, Nike Air Trainer, Nike Flyknit Trainer, Nike Lunar TR 1, Nike Cross Compete… – Running shoes: sorry, there is no naming standard. The name of the running shoe is arbitrarily placed: Nike Zoom Fly, Nike Free 5.0, Nike Flyknit Lunar 2, … Some pairs may include the phrase Run or RN in the shoe name, but this number is very rare, for example, Nike Flex 2014 Rn.

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