Choose the Nike Shoe Product Family that Suits your Needs

With any fashion product, it is necessary to have certain quality criteria to win believers’ trust. And in sneakers, quality comes first and foremost in style. When we want to choose the right type of sneakers, any of us also need to consider the needs and uses, then the brand, preference, and price.

Like many other brands, Nike launches products that are always geared toward the needs of tastes. The division of types of products, collections, … of Nike is a way to help consumers clearly and easily define their purpose and needs while shopping.

Choose the Nike Shoe Product Family that Suits your needs.

For sneakers, it’s very important to choose the right fit for your needs. That will directly affect your training and health. Nike shoes always release products with unique structure and characteristics, specialized or versatile, depending on each type for consumers to choose.

The typical lines that Nike shoes always dominate in the market are Nike Lifestyle, Nike Running, Nike Training and Gym, and Jordan exclusively for basketball… There is no need to discuss Nike shoes’ quality, which Every believer needs to keep an eye on. That is the purpose of use and the design that he loves.

Nike Lifestyle Shoes

This is a product line that includes many of the most eye-catching designs and designs. Fashion believers love to mix clothes with sneakers to express their personality and dynamism every day. This is the ideal choice.

The designs Nike Air, Nike Free Run, dominate and are popular in this product line. However, many fashionistas are flexible when choosing themselves shoe models with versatile designs and innovative technology suitable for their feet to make them easier to use.

You can choose the product lines with typical Lunar technology, Lunar Eclipse, and Lunar Glide. This technology line of shoes has all the elements and properties compatible with a wide range of disciplines and exposed pavements.

At here, you can choose from many Nike Lifestyle designs such as Nike Flex Experience Shoes, Nike Dual Fusion Shoes, Nike LunarGlide 7 Shoes, … on weekdays or down the street. Those are the advantages that Nike has.

Nike Running Shoes

These are Nike shoes for running. In the running, your stress, posture, steps, and focus are far from normal. Therefore, these shoes are always improved with state-of-the-art technology to help you achieve the steady and smoothest running steps.

Founded as a cross country runner, Nike Running will certainly be ranked among the top and best technology for running. Nike also took a new step with the Nike Air and Nike Zoom lines’ release not too long ago.

The design is a pocket-shaped buffer, and this bag holds a lot of gas. Placed in 3 parts, toebox, heel, or even 2. The purpose is to create smoothness for the foot. Nike Air and Zoom are suitable for Running because the spikes create good grip.

When compression is applied, it interacts well with all types of road surfaces, and it will give you a certain amount of force to keep running. At here, many Nike Running shoes and Nike Air Run, Running, and Zoom have a variety of designs and technology for you to choose from.

Nike Training and Gym Shoes

These are Nike shoes specifically for training such as walking, running, gym… With a versatile design, a smooth and hugging structure, you can feel comfortable and have good elasticity. When rotating during exercise.

Nike Training lines with Nike Free technology are quite popular and diverse here. Also, the designs of Training and Gym lines always have bright colors and look quite youthful. Dynamic and fashionable for both men and women.

Some Advanced Technology on Nike Shoes

Nike Air:

Airbag technology is equipped to provide foot comfort when the heel or foot touches the ground. The airbags’ excellent elasticity will help the foot quickly return to its original state and feel smooth. With this advantage, Nike Air will provide maximum protection for your skeletal muscles, joints, and ligaments while running.

Nike Zoom:

Improved over the Air, Zoom features airbags that are wrapped in highly elastic fibers. When there is an impact, it will contract and turn on a very fast and elastic force to bring the foot back to its original state. Perfectly suited to all types of high-intensity exercise.

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Max Air:

Similar to Nike Air, but improved to be suitable for more dance disciplines. The lining will be thinner to create more space for the airbags.

Nike Shot:

It could be called state-of-the-art sports shoe technology. With a design consisting of a hard plastic plate, and below are columns of special materials. The plate will help distribute the force evenly across your heels, and these columns will distribute the force to the ground, minimizing the force of the back impact on your legs.

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The Foam block is designed with a foam block that does not have much elastic foam, evenly dispersed, giving you an extremely smooth and elastic stride, helping to reduce the brim’s force when having to land repeatedly.

Nike Free:

It feels more real when you run. This technology does not include mattresses, and the extremely flexible rubber sole will hug and protect your feet. However, this app is only suitable for Run shoes, jogging. Not compatible with other subjects.


Includes 3 adhesive layers of synthetic leather, ultra-light grid layer, and film. This technology helps to achieve maximum ventilation, helping feet comfortably move.

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Nike Flywire:

This is an advanced technology applied in almost many different disciplines. Made up of many fibers, arranged tightly to either side of the foot, toe, or heel. Help keep your feet in place and not sway while in motion.

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