10 Reasons to Choose to Buy DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro

The unmanned aircraft market is going on fiercely with the competition of a series of the new drone, notable among them, Mavic Pro – one of the most popular models of drones today. So what makes this drone so attractive? Join us in exploring the top reasons for deciding to choose Mavic Pro in the …

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Compare DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Mavic and DJI Phantom 4

In the market of camcorders, Chinese Drone company is rated as “the king of drone cameras” with a lot of modern drone versions. Here, we compare DJI Mavic and DJI Phantom 4 Pro and evaluate to get the most accurate view of these two versions, making it easier and more suitable to choose. About specifications …

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