The Best Split Toe Shoes You Can Find on the Market

The best split toe shoes are the important thing that every parkour does for training and performing. Unlike the other kind of shoes, the split toe for parkour has its own versatility, such as extra grip, breathability, flexibility, durability, and so on.

Tabi or ninja shoes and split toes shoes are often deemed the same because they are physically the same. And if you are looking for split toe shoes on the market, you can also rely on the same benefits when checking the tabi shoes.

The best split toe shoes are the premier needs of parkour lovers, and outdoor does in general. Whether you have just started or want a new pair of shoes, you will want to have the best ones in your wardrobe.

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes

Salomon Men’s Running shoes barefoot have everything you need to make such an excellent parkour experience. Here are the top perks that I’m going to share with you.

 Five-toe Box Design

The design will make it easier for your feet to snug into the shoes. With such smart engineering, you will feel like you are running and moving barefoot. The lightweight shoes support you when you are maneuvering and playing. It is lightweight yet robust, protecting your feet from the outer elements for good. It is definitely one of the best split toe shoes on the market.

Hook-and-loop closure

The hook-and-loop closure is not a new thing promoted in the market. But in this design, it will ease you to take off and on the shoes. And when you close it, this feature will provide a more secure fit for your feet.

Grip performance

Salomon comes with top-notch grip properties that allow the parkour in dry and wet terrains. If you are planning to level up your game, you cannot go wrong with this choice. The grip properties make it possible to work on dry and wet terrains without any problem.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The breathable shoes with ample flexibility that you can enjoy
  • Hook and loop closure for easy operation and more secure fit
  • Machine washable: just put the pair in your washing machine and let your appliance do the magic.


  • You may need to choose one size bigger than your actual foot size.
  • If your foot is wider, you need to get the larger size of the product.

Vibram Men’s V-Alpha Hiking Shoe

Although introduced as a Hiking shoe, Vibram Men’s V-Alpha is definitely one of the best split toe shoes in the market. Vibram is a renowned brand in popular “barefoot” shoes. This five-toed barefoot shoe has distinctive perks that not many competitors have. V-Alpha is the successor of KSO EVO, which was relevant five years ago. However, V-Alpha is more recommended if you want to update your footwear for a more robust experience.

The protective features

The V-Alpha is a ready-outdoor wearer. Whether you are a beginner or at a more advanced level, using this pair of shoes will let you explore the fantastic possibilities in the world of free runners. The protective features come with the sensory of ground perception to protect your feet and keep your performance top out there.

Vibram Megagrip

Vibram Megagrip is what makes this buddy different from the other pairs. It has a flexible outsole rubber which provides high quality traction in both wet and ry terrains. As we know, the dynamic terrains are often the challenges for the free runners. V-Alpha has the perk, which can help you to overcome the challenge.

All-around shoe

With such versatility, the wearers can use the best split toe shoes for running, trails, and a gym. You can straightforwardly achieve a great level of dexterity, speed, flexibility, as well as stability.


  • The better version of KSO EVO
  • Megagrip Rubber for high quality traction
  • The great buddy in both wet and dry terrains
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Easy to care and maintain


  • You may need more than one pair of these for various activities.

Joomra Women’s Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes

If you or someone you know is looking for Women’s parkour shoes, then you could take a look at what JOOMRA Women’s barefoot shoe offers. This pair of shoes will be the best companion for female free runners.

The ergonomic design

The JOOMRA pair appreciates the parkour doers, making it one of the best split toe shoes out there. The manufacturer has done such a great job designing the design that compliments female users’ foot anatomy. As long as the users choose the right size, this will fit well.

The grip performance

The distinctive circular lug pattern is the key to gripping quality. It provides ample grip on rugged terrain. Although the shoe is not waterproof, it offers flexibility in most dryer areas.

The wide toe box

There is no need to order the bigger size of the shoe to make sure that your feet fit. It comes with a wide toe box that will not betray the performance.

Traction quality

The rubber outsoles of the shoes come with such great quality. It provides a good balance of durability and traction. It is basically the solver of the dynamic terrain. Circular lug patterns offer great grip during the various movements.


  • Have great stability
  • Gripped sole for stabler movement
  • Breathable materials
  • You can wear it even without socks.


  • Not waterproof

Nike Free RN 5.0

Nike Free RN 5.0 is the betterment version of its predecessors. If you are looking for flexibility, acceleration, and stability, this buddy can be an ideal choice for you.

The High Quality Ground Feel

It has the excellent quality of a midsole which comes with good stability and the ground-feel. It is fantastic to pair for the trainer who wants to level up their skills from time to time.


Thanks to this shoe pair’s firm-riding performance, it can help you improve your running form and posture. This will also be a great choice for leg training.

The toe box

Nike Free RN 5.0 is in between daily training and minimalist. Its robust build and lightweight properties can be a more versatile option than the traditional shoes in the market. This buddy comes with the toe box. That means you will not need to worry about chafing or hot spots.


  • Ample breathable quality
  • High flexibility in the forefoot part
  • Stabler movement and ride
  • The robust quality of base material – for long-lasting uses


  • Cushioning is probably not enough for endurance levels users.

Fila Men’s Skele-Toes Ez Slide Drainage Man-Made

This can be the best alternative if you need quick dry barefoot shoes for parkour, swimming, walking, sailing, and so on.

Barefoot feel performance

This shoe pair has a lightweight design. The wide toe design is the key to the barefoot feel it procures. The zero heel lift and low profile outsole offer excellent traction for moving on different kinds of terrains. Whether it is in the mountain, famous landscapes, or on the beaches, you are good to go.

Shocklace system

One of the challenges to making your outdoor experience great is to maintain the snug fit. Fila split-toe shoes come with an ample shock lace system, which can be easy for entry and maintaining the snug fit.

Use it in any terrain

It is a perfect water shoe that you can use on many different terrains and for various sports activities, including fishing, swimming, kayaking, SUP, and so on. The shoes’ breathability and flexibility will help you a lot when you are doing your things out there. It comes with quick dry materials and an Integrated Drainage System, which won’t trap the water and let it out and dry quickly. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for water activity, although you can basically use it for various outdoor activities.


  • Lightweight barefoot quality
  • Quick dry
  • Toe box design for the comfort and convenience
  • Water drain slore which provides great traction


  • Cushioning might not be enough for endurance activities.

Choosing the Split Toe Shoes

What shoes are good for your outdoors? Choosing the best split toe shoes for a particular sport can be a daunting task since you will need specific qualities that can give you a great experience so that all the activities you do will be fun. Here are the variables that you can consider when choosing your best split toe shoes independently.

Toe Shoes

The comfort level of the shoes

You won’t want to sacrifice your feet for comfort over anything. The good split toe shoes should cover your feet and make you comfortable when you are doing your activities out there.

When practicing, you’d expect many falling incidents. With such a level of protection of comfort, the shoes can prevent you from getting damage.

The arch support is the key to a good level of comfort and protection. If you’re lucky enough to try a pair of split toe shoes in your nearby store, you could do a quick test. If wearing the particular shoes for just 10 minutes causes pain in your feet’ only part, you will need to skip to another pair.

The durability

Depending on how heavy your activities are, you will want to have a pair of buddies that can last longer. Ideally, you must expect a minimum of 6 months lifespan of a pair of shoes for parkour or other heavy activities. The durability indeed comes with a price. You won’t expect dirt-cheap shoes to offer a longer pair for you.


Did you know that the very cause of the awful smell of feet is humid inside your shoes? The odor is inevitable when your feet are wet. When you are running, the trapped sweat with a lot of bacteria can make your foot inconvenient. The best shoes for your outdoor activities are those with breathable air mesh. This will let the air pass and avoid the odor while you are out there.

How thick are the shoes that you need?

The sole of the shoe will determine how you will feel the ground when you land. The thickness should be ideal so that you won’t get hurt when landing. Do not choose too thick shoes because you could lose your balance when you are doing some movements. Also, make sure the sole is in one piece, not glued below the shoes.

Pick the lightweight ones

When it comes to the best split toe shoes, the shoes’ weight should be light enough, even more delicate than the traditional shoes. The lightweight shoes are the key to jump high, move, and maneuver while maintaining stability. When you wear your split toe shoes, you will want to feel as it blends with your feet.

The Grip Quality

The best split-toe shoes’ grip quality is the deal-breaker for those fond of parkour or other extreme outdoors. The key to safe and secure outdoors is that you wear shoes that provide good friction between your body and the terrains.

When you are jogging, running, jumping, climbing, hiking, or others, friction must be there to keep your body secured. The last thing you want is tipping over when you are out there because your shoes do not have enough grip.

Group of young friends hikers with backpacks in the forest, walking in nature
Group of young friends hikers with backpacks in the forest, walking in nature


There you have them! All of the best split toe shoes that I’ve mentioned above are the best on the market. I’ve picked them based on their qualities, including cushioning, grip, sensitivity, durability, as well as comfort factor.

If one of the variables is lacking, you won’t feel comfortable doing parkour or other extreme activities. It would be best if you kept your feet right and protected all the time to prevent any mishaps from happening.

You cannot go wrong by choosing one of them on our list. They are all well-reviewed and come from reputable brands. You will have a great experience after wearing one of them. But if you ask me personally, I’d recommend you try the Vibram Men’s V-Alpha Hiking Shoe before everything else.

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