How to Connect Mobile Data On Your Apple Watch

Already one of the leading smartwatches today, the use of mobile data features must be truly great. And Apple Watch has never disappointed its fans in this clause!

Good wireless internet connections will allow your smartwatch to receive calls, text messages, and other notifications from the iPhone easily and quickly.

While this may not be a feature for everyone, “she” has been very successful since its introduction to Series 3. Now, with the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 4, mobile connectivity on devices is even more sophisticated and useful.

But there are still a lot of limitations and lots of mobile data that you need to learn about on your Apple Watch. That is also why we introduce you to the following article.

Connect LTE On Your Apple Watch

Which Apple Watch Supports “Cellular”?

Tell you a simple tip to know if the Apple Watch your own supports mobile features or not, by looking at the Crown. For example, on Series 3, you will quickly see a red dot on the side, while on Series 4, it is just a red border. If your Apple Watch has a simple Digital Crown, it will be the basic version, only GPS.

Connect LTE On Your Apple Watch

Moreover, Apple also uses eSim technology. Therefore, connecting to the “world” of the internet is extremely easy. You’ll also need to make sure you have at least one iPhone 6 running the latest version of iOS, along with your Apple Watch and iPhone running from the same network!

How to Set Up Mobile Data on Apple Watch

You are waiting any longer without proceeding to set up immediately for your Apple Watch yet! And, fortunately, Apple allows you to do this reasonably directly along with quite specific instructions. You can follow the steps immediately below!

Connect Mobile Data On Your Apple Watch

  • Start going to the “My Watch” section of the “Watch” app.
  • Then click through the “Cellular” tab.
  • Continue to click “Set Up Cellular.”
  • At this time, follow the instructions that your service provider has requested from the website.
  • You will then be redirected back to the “Cellular” page, where you will see the device has been added to the network by the service provider.

How to Change The Network on Apple Watch

The “parting” with some inappropriate network is inevitable. And now, you will want to know how to switch systems for Apple Watch without any difficulties. The first step you need to do is delete the service pack that was previously set up on Apple Watch and proceeds to add a new one.

Connect Mobile Data On Your AppleWatch

You can follow the steps below:

  • Open the “Watch” application on your iPhone.
  • Click on the “My Watch” tab, and then press “Cellular.”
  • Your Apple Watch will automatically switch to the network that your iPhone is using. However, if you need to add a new package, click “Add New Plan” and follow the steps on the screen.
  • Note: delete the old service pack if you still see it in the tab! You will do this by clicking the information icon on the “Cellular” tab and clicking “Remove [Carrier] Plan.”

How to Switch Carriers to The New Apple Watch

You may not have changed your carrier, but have upgraded your Apple Watch instead. Perhaps it is from Series 3 you want to switch to use the Apple Watch Series 4 smart with more superior features.

Mobile Data On Your Apple Watch

With the change, you’ll also need to transfer your service pack, and here’s how for you:

  • First, delete the mobile service pack from your old Apple Watch. You can do this on the “Watch” app or by erasing your old device.
  • Pair the new Apple Watch with your iPhone, then continue the mobile installation as usual by adding a service pack.
  • Some carriers will allow you to transfer existing packages directly from the “Watch” application, but you will need to contact your service provider if you don’t see the option.

Apple Watch

Once you’ve completed the setup and pairing successfully, it’s time to test and use this great feature. On Apple Watch, go to the control center, and you will see on the screen the display of the “Cellular” button. Moreover, when your phone is disconnected, the watch will automatically default to your mobile connection, where that small button will turn green, and some green dots will appear above to show signal strength.

The Data On Your AppleWatch

Are you ready to connect to use this great smart feature? Try and share your feelings, experiences, tips to everyone around!


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